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Baby, 4 Months Old, Abandoned In A Stroller In Empty Harlem Playground

Mon, March 24, 2014 4:32pm EDT by Lauren Cox 4 Comments
Baby Abandoned Harlem Park

A baby boy was found all alone in a playground on Sunday night, March 23 in Harlem, New York. Thankfully, a local resident found the abandoned baby and was able to get him out of the cold before it was too late.

A baby boy, estimated to be around 4 months old, was found all alone in a playground in the frigid New York cold on Sunday night, March 23.

Baby Abandoned In A Playground

At around 9pm on Sunday, March 23, Michael Allen noticed an abandoned stroller sitting in the playground across the street from his apartment. Something about the situation didn’t feel right, so he went downstairs and took a walk across the street to check it out. Much to his disbelief, Michael found a tiny baby boy inside the stroller.

There was no one else in the area, so he quickly flagged down a passing fire truck to get some help. The firemen took the baby in to their local firehouse for a quick evaluation, and then brought the baby to Harlem Hospital.

Thankfully, the baby was reported in perfect health. Michael told local news that when he found the baby, it was bundled up in warm clothes and had formula packed in his stroller.

As on Monday, March 24, the NYPD had located the baby’s parents and had brought them in for questioning.

Michael Feels ‘Attached’ To The Baby

Michael, the man who found the baby in the park across the street from his apartment, has told local news that he feels a connection to the little guy.

“He is adorable,” Michael told CBS. “He kept staring at me. His eyes were just piercing me like ‘I know it was you that got me out of this cold.’”

Michael even brought one of his own children’s stuffed animals to the baby at Harlem Hospital on Monday, March 24.

Thank goodness for people like Michael, otherwise this story could have had a much sadder ending.

— Lauren Cox

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