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Lamar Odom: Will Khloe Kardashian Invite Him To Kim’s Wedding?

Thu, March 20, 2014 3:47pm EDT by Eric Ray 12 Comments

Lamar Odom is keeping his fingers crossed that his ex Khloe Kardashian will have a change of heart and decide to invite him to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lavish wedding in Paris this spring. ‘He’d love to go and be with Khloe,’ a source close to the former NBA star tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Lamar Odom knows that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding is going to be the event of the year, but the real reason he wants to go is because he’s eager to spend time with his ex Khloe Kardashian — and maybe even steal a few slow dances with her. So do you think Lamar will get an invite?

Lamar Odom At Kim Kardashian’s Wedding? — He’s Hoping Khloe Will Invite Him

Apparently Lamar isn’t done keeping up with the Kardashians because our well-informed source tells us he desperately wants to be by Khloe’s side when Kim and Kanye walk down the isle in Paris on their reported May 24 wedding date.

“He wishes them both well and would love to support them and witness their marriage,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He knows Kanye and knows how bomb and off the chain his wedding is going to be. It’s going to be one big party and he’d love to go and be with Khloe too but he hasn’t been invited though.”

Unfortunately it looks like Khloe won’t be extending an invite to Lamar though.

“That’s bad energy for Kim. She wouldn’t want to do that to her sister,” the source says.

Khloe Kardashian Taking Lamar Odom Back? — ‘Never Say Never’

But just because Khloe doesn’t want to risk bringing Lamar’s drama into her sister’s special day, doesn’t mean she is done with her ex for good.

“They are not getting back together, but never say never,” a source close to Khloe told EXCLUSIVELY. “If he really changed she would take him back. Lamar was the love of her life. But Khloe doesn’t believe he’s really changed and he did too much damage for her to sign up for that again.”

So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Khloe should invite Lamar to Kim’s wedding, if only for old time’s sake? Let us know. 

—  Written By Tierney McAfee, Reporting by Eric Ray

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