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‘The Face’ Recap: Dinner & A Runway Competition Brings Out The Tears

Wed, March 19, 2014 11:05pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments

From the beginning to the end of the episode, tensions ran high — and it wasn’t just the modeltestants who were feeling the pressure! The gals have to show off their runway skills, and it results in an entire change in the competition.

The Face opened with Naomi calling out Lydia and Anne V, saying, “How dare you put up two women of color for elimination?” as she speaks of the emotional results of the last round — and it doesn’t look the tensions between the mentors are getting any better. As we look forward to the next competition, this time it is all about the runway.

‘The Face’ Recap — Season 2, Episode 3 Runway Competition:

The models are tasked with walking a difficult runway, (hello, steps!), in restrictive clothing — and it really shows which girls have gotten more comfortable and developed their model walk! Famed model Tyson Beckford sat in to help judge, and it was interesting to see how the latex clothing and the sky-high pumps interfered with their walk. Some girls with an amazing walk faltered, while others had just the right amount of confidence to totally own it! “Kira’s painful to watch….this is the worst walk so far,” Naomi explained as she came down the runway.

Tyson named Tiana from Team Anne the winner, and she couldn’t be happier — and we’re sure it will come in handy come campaign day! Kira admits she is so nervous and doesn’t think Naomi likes her — but after seeing her try to rock the runway, we kinda understand where all her doubt is coming from…(no offense, Kira!).

Campaign Day:

Fashion designer Pamella Roland, (who is gearing up to launch her Pamella line), is present on campaign day and the models must model a cocktail dress and a glam red carpet gown on a dinner table — and that’s not all! The gals will also have to walk as seated guests are present. Team Anne V has an advantage, as they will get to select their dresses first — and the wrong dress can definitely do a gal in!

Naomi gives her team advice, and tells them practice makes perfect — and she’s definitely right! Kira is not happy when her model mentor tries to give her constructive criticism — and you do not want to snap back to Naomi! Kira definitely needs to tone down her attitude, especially cause her walk can use all the help it can get.

In the end, it is Team Anne V who takes home the big win — and it is a total game changer as it is their first win! Naomi and Lydia both have to put someone up for elimination, and Lydia’s team is looking like the weakest link.

Elimination Round:

Lydia sends Ray back into the elimination room, and it is because Lydia thinks she really needs a push to get focused — if she doesn’t find her voice she won’t make the cut. Kira is sent in by Naomi, and she says she wants her to fight, (not beg!), to come back. Unfortunately, Kira gets in front of Anne and starts crying and blaming Naomi for not giving her proper directions — ouch. Kira’s bad attitude sends her packing, but not before Naomi breaks the rules and comes after Kira after she hears her crying. She calms her down and tries to comfort her, and you can tell seeing her go is breaking Naomi’s heart. Ray somehow makes it past her second elimination round and sent back to Lydia’s team.

What do you think of the results? Did the right girl go home?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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