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‘American Idol’ Recap: Alex Preston Wows Judges With ‘Story Of My Life’

Wed, March 19, 2014 10:04pm EDT by 8 Comments

On the March 19 episode of ‘American Idol,’ the Top 10 performed for your votes! The theme had the contestants singing top 10 hits from the past few years — including ‘Story Of My Life!’

We’re finally in the Top 10 of American Idol and each of the contestants that sang for your votes will be in the summer tour! This week, fittingly, the contestants are singing top 10 hits from the past few years. We’re not sure who’s going home, but we can tell you that Alex Preston, who sang a killer rendition of One Direction‘s “Story Of My Life,” will definitely be staying. Click through for our full recap and to watch the clip of Alex blowing the competition away!

‘American Idol’ Recap: MK Nobilette, Dexter Roberts, Jena Irene & Alex Preston Perform

1. MK Nobilette, “Perfect” by Pink
It was great to see MK step out of her comfort zone and move around the stage a little more, but we’re not so sure that her voice was strong enough for this; she seemed to be relying heavily on the backup singers. Keith Urban complimented her on her look and voice, as well as mentioned that even though the band messed up (band — get it together!) that she turned it around really well. Jennifer Lopez disagreed, though, and told MK that she needs to do a better job at rolling with the punches when stuff like that happens.

2. Dexter Roberts, “Cruise,” by Florida Georgia Line
Unsurprisingly, Dexter chose a country song. And here we were hoping we’d get 10 different covers of Lorde‘s “Royals” tonight! Dexter was good, consistent as ever, and as ever, not really our jam. Harry Connick Jr. did not think it was a good performance at all and “bereft of joy” and “meandering.” Ooh, gurl. Hey, maybe Harry listened to my advice from last week about being more constructive! JK.

3. Jena Irene, “Clarity,” by Zed feat. Foxes
This bears mentioning: whoever styled Jena for tonight was mad as hell at her. She looks like Christina Aguilera on tour in the mid-90s. Rough stuff. Anyway, Jena is the best. She sounded amazing, owned the stage, interacted with the audience, and was just generally the all-star that she is. Harry was the most genuinely complimentary we’d seen him all season, and Keith brought up what has been a theme with Jena this season — that she changed the melody to suit her voice and that she did it incredibly well.

Alex Preston Needs To Be The Next ‘American Idol’

4. Alex Preston, “Story Of My Life,” by One Direction (!!!)
Before the song can even begin, we are already on board. Alex Preston singing One Direction? Sign us up. Alex, marry us. He sang a slightly sped-up version of the mega-hit, making it his own. Jennifer looks like she’s literally going to start crying. This was killer. Even better than Jena’s performance. The judges loved it, unanimously. After his performance, Ryan Seacrest showed Alex some complimentary tweets, because Ryan is down with what the kidz are into! Gosh, Idol is trying so hard to be in-the-know.

‘American Idol’ Recap: Malaya Watson, Caleb Johnson & CJ Harris Perform

5. Malaya Watson, “When I Was Your Man,” by Bruno Mars
This is the second time that Malaya has sung a Bruno Mars song. The first time around — when she sang “Runaway Baby” — did not go well for her. However, this choice was much more up her alley — when Malaya went for the high notes, Jennifer looked taken aback by the power in Malaya’s voice. Jennifer even got the “goosies,” and Keith told her that the control in her voice is improving and that it really pulled him in.

6. Caleb Johnson, “The Edge Of Glory,” by Lady Gaga
Harry gave Caleb an “A” for originality — this wasn’t Caleb’s best performance, but it was still fantastic. Harry would like to see something a bit quiet from him, though, as he knows already that Caleb is good at “the loud thing.”

7. CJ Harris, “Invisible,” by Hunter Hayes
Was this song really a chart-topper? Don’t lie to us, show. Anyway, CJ was fine, but it wasn’t the most memorable. Jennifer was into it but Harry was stone-faced. The judges hemmed and hawed over his performance, but overall, they agreed that CJ needs to do a better job of keeping his pitch in check.

‘American Idol’ Recap: Jessica Meuse, Majesty Rose & Sam Woolf Perform

8. Jessica Meuse, “Pumped Up Kicks,” by Foster The People
Jessica was so twangy on this that we literally could not understand what she was saying, and we actually know this song. She sounded like a Bob Dylan impression done by a member of a high school sketch improv group that meets in the cafeteria on alternate Wednesdays. Jennifer thought this was right in her wheelhouse, but Harry was on our level about this: basically, he thought that the way she sang it was a strange choice, and that her smiling while singing the lyrics was super weird.

9. Majesty Rose, “Wake Me Up,” by Avicii
This performance seemed a bit weak to us compared to some of her greatest hits, and now we’re worried that it may be time for her to go home. Harry enjoyed it, telling her that he was happy to see her going back to her acoustic, folk-y roots instead of trying to do too many things at once, but Keith wasn’t as thrilled.

10. Sam Woolf, “We Are Young,” by fun.
Our boyfriend Sam Woolf seemed way off at the beginning of this song. He kicked it up once he went into the chorus, but with back-up singers and a loud band, who wouldn’t sound more impressive? Harry, on our level once again, told Sam that he’s being too timid and that he needs to come out of his shell. Judging was cut short for time, however — good thing Ryan showed Alex all of those tweets!!!

What did you think, HollywoodLifers? Who was your favorite performer of the night? Do you think Alex Preston wants to be my boyfriend? Vote and comment below!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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