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Two Dead In Helicopter Crash At Seattle Space Needle

Tue, March 18, 2014 1:57pm EDT by 1 Comment
Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle Seattle Two Dead

A news helicopter crash near Seattle’s landmark, Space Needle, leaves two dead and one critically injured. So sad.

A news helicopter went down on Broad Street, near the Space Needle in Seattle, WA, at approximately 7:40AM PT on March 18. The crash tragically left two dead and one in critical condition, as well as major damage to the surrounding area.

News Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle

A news crew was out to do their daily job when suddenly, terror struck. The news helicopter crashed near the famous Space Needle landmark in Seattle, WA.

Firefighters and policemen responded to the devastating scene, which took place near the offices of CNN local news affiliate KOMO, according to CNN. The Tuesday morning crash left two dead, though details have not yet been released on the victims.

One man, 37, survived the ordeal and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center for critical treatment, according to the Seattle Fire Department. We do not have firm confirmation if he was on board the helicopter or if his casualties were obtained on the ground below, where fire raged from spilling fuel and at least three cars were demolished by the aftermath of the crash.

KOMO is reporting that the man was seen by witnesses running from a car with his clothing on fire, which leads us to presume that he was commuting via car through the area and was not actually on the doomed flight.

The crash happened in a heavily tourist-filled neighborhood — if it taken place later in the day, there could have been even more losses.

Eyewitness Reports On Space Needle Helicopter Crash

Several eyewitnesses of the tragedy have reported their view of the scene.

“It looked like the helicopter was trying to take off, and it just was trying to stabilize and it looked odd … and it just took a nose dive right down there on the street,” one eyewitness told KOMO. “And the scary thing about was the gas from the helicopter started leaking and it caught a car or two on fire – so it’s crazy.”

Another eyewitness that the news station spoke with, Brian Cruz, recounted what he felt was a helicopter technical failure. “It looked like it got hung up on some cables, and before you know it – boom! – it dropped dropped to the street,” he explained.

So terrifying, and such a tragedy for the lives lost. Our prayers are with the families of the victims, as well as the survivor now in treatment in hospital.

— India Irving