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‘My Little Pony’ Backpack Banned — School Says Young Boy Will Be Bullied

Tue, March 18, 2014 4:15pm EDT by Lauren Cox 29 Comments
My Little Pony Backpack Banned
Courtesy of Facebook

A 9-year-old boy in North Carolina is dealing with bullies over wearing his favorite ‘My Little Pony’ backpack to school. The school officials have since asked the boy, Grayson Bruce, not to wear the backpack anymore so that he is no longer a target for bullying. Should Grayson have to give up his favorite thing or should the school get tough on bullying?

Grayson Bruce, 9, and his mom, Noreen Bruce, are not happy with his elementary school for requesting that he stop wearing his favorite My Little Pony backpack to school in order to avoid bullies.

School Bans ‘My Little Pony’ Backpack

Grayson Bruce, 9, picked out his blue My Little Pony backpack because it is his favorite show. He enjoys the show because it promotes friendship and teamwork, sending a positive message to children like himself everywhere. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been able to spread positivity at his own school in the Buncombe County School District in North Carolina.

After Grayson received verbal and physical bullying from his classmates, school officials encouraged him to stop wearing the blue backpack. Because My Little Pony is primarily for little girls, Grayson was often picked on for having a “girly” backpack even though it was blue.

“They’re taking it a little too far, with punching me and pushing me down,” the little boy explained. “[They’re] calling me horrible names. Stuff that really shouldn’t happen.”

The bullying got so bad that one kid told Grayson to kill himself, and Grayson was scared to go back to school. Since the incident, Noreen has taken Grayson out of school and is now homeschooling him.

Grayson’s Mom Disagrees With School Officials

Although school officials are blaming the bullying on Grayson’s backpack of choice, his mom Noreen Bruce is quick to disagree. When Grayson refused to get out of the car one day to avoid bullies, Noreen decided to get a school counselor involved. However, the school counselor didn’t offer Noreen much help, and the school’s principle even called Noreen at home asking her to keep Grayson’s backpack at home.

“One of her suggestions was to hide it,” Noreen explained to USA Today. “She said that if you have something like this you’re asking for trouble.”

Noreen tried to explain to the school officials that they were basically saying it was okay for kids to bully her son, and it was not okay for him to be interested in My Little Pony.

Tell us, HollyMoms — Would you let your child’s school ban their backpack? Was the school just being protective? Let us know your thoughts below.

— Lauren Cox

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