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Justin Bieber’s New Selena Gomez Song Proves He’s Really Changing

Mon, March 17, 2014 12:02pm EDT by William Earl 37 Comments

The Biebs gave us a sneak preview of a romantic new love song on March 15, just one week after he and Selena reunited with a bang (and a lot of PDA). If you ask me, the ode to Selena — and Justin’s general behavior over the past week — shows that he’s finally accepted that if he wants to be a one-woman man, he has to start acting like it.

All while Justin Bieber was gallivanting around Miami — getting arrested and flirting with models — sources insisted to exclusively that Selena Gomez was still his one true love, but it just didn’t add up. If that was the case, then why was he acting up — why was he spending more time partying than trying to win back the love of his life? Well it took awhile, but it appears that Selena is Justin’s soulmate — and he’s finally ready to change his ways to be with her.

Justin Bieber: What His New Selena Gomez Song Says About Him

You can hear it when he sings, “Life is worth living” in the sneak preview of a song he posted on Instagram on March 15. The clip came exactly one week after Justin and Selena were capping off their reunion weekend in Texas by making out in the dark at a laser tag arena, and it’s musical proof that the “Baby” singer’s mindset and priorities have completely changed — for the best.

Making this proclamation — “life is worth living” — so soon after Justin got back together with Selena shows that reality has finally sunk in for him: Living with the love of your life is so much better than trying to fill it with parties, sports cars, and models. And he’s clearly not afraid to let everyone see his growth.

Just comparing these new hopeful, romantic lyrics with the songs Justin was releasing at the end of 2013, you can really see how far he’s come. This is a long ways away from that “You know females, and how they like to run their mouths” line from the song, “All Bad.”

Justin Bieber: Finally Growing Up For Selena Gomez?

He loves her,” a source told us after Justin and Selena reunited. “He loves her smile and likes all the time, especially all this make-up time, that they’re having. He’s just going about his days with her, and loving and basking in every second of it.”

We’ve heard this before — believe me, I would know. But what makes this reunion feel different is that it really seems like Justin is devoted to it and taking it seriously. Besides their whirlwind romantic weekend in Texas, Justin also proved he’s back to respecting Sel when he posted their dance videos but deleted them when she asked him to, and now he’s crooning about his newfound purpose in life.

I’m still not ready to declare Justin a fully reformed man — and I think Selena keep her eyes on him at all time — but his “Life Is Worth Living” song really is a sign that he’s moving in the right direction.

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

— Bill Earl

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