Angus T. Jones: I Was Paid $300K To Be A ‘Hypocrite’ On ‘Two & A Half Men’

Mon, March 17, 2014 1:39pm EST by 15 Comments
Angus T. Jones Paid Hypocrite
Courtesy of KHOU11/ Warner Brothers

From highest paid child star to ‘paid hypocrite?’ That’s how Angus T. Jones sees his time on ‘Two & A Half Men.’ He spoke out at the World Harvest Outreach Church in Houston, Texas about why he felt like he was getting a whopping $300,000 an episode to be a ‘hypocrite!’

At 19, Angus T. Jones is looking quite different than he did back in his Two & a Half Men days playing Jake Harper. On March 15, the actor opened up about his new path in life and why he couldn’t stay on the show. Watch the new interview below.

Angus T. Jonas: A ‘Paid Hypocrite’ During ‘Two & A Half Men’?

It’s been nearly a year since Angus decided to leave the hit show and his $300,000-an-episode paycheck after making comments saying that the audience shouldn’t be watching — and he wouldn’t take back his comments.

“It was difficult for me to be on the show and be part of something that was making light of topics in our world where there are really problems for a lot of people. I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn’t OK with it and I was still doing it,” he said to KHOU station at the World Harvest Outreach Church.

While he said that he did feel guilty for criticizing it — he knows how proud creator Chuck Lorre is of “his baby,” he still doesn’t have any regrets with what he said.

Angus Has ‘Seen God Do Amazing Things’

These days, he’s focusing on his religion — but would be willing to take on a role that supported that as well.

“I really want to come into the light because I know that is where the healing is and I’ve seen God do amazing things,” Angus said. “There’s a few different productions that like do kind of Bible-based stories. Stuff like that.”

The pastor for the church, Dr. James R. Doggett Sr. also spoke out, saying that Angus’ relationship with God was more important to him than his relationship with Hollywood.

“He’s part of Houston. He goes to church here in Houston. And by the way he loves Texas. He was born in Austin,” the pastor said of the Colorado University student.

Angus also visits ministries around the country to share his story of how and why he made the transition he did.

Watch: Angus T. Jones Says He ‘Was A Paid Hypocrite’

– Emily Longeretta

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View Comment


Posted at 9:07 PM on May 1, 2014  

Just great.. another Kirk Cameron nutjob moment.

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Posted at 8:57 PM on April 6, 2014  

I’m proud of him. “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36

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Posted at 5:40 PM on March 23, 2014  

I think he needs to go to a psychologist (all children that start that young in the entertainment bussiness have some kind of problems his at least was not drugs but to a religeious bygroup)

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Posted at 12:53 PM on March 18, 2014  

Dumb f**k, two and a half men made him who he is today… If not he was just a fat F**k

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Rowan Charlton

Posted at 9:54 AM on March 18, 2014  

He’s gone all Joaquin Pheonix… Except he was faking it.

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Posted at 8:17 AM on March 18, 2014  

what an idiot… see things like really upset me.. that church want to take that boys money.. he needs help. where are his parent?

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Posted at 11:24 PM on March 17, 2014  

Everyone now believes in ‘doing what makes you happy,’ and he looks happy, so leave him alone, its his life, don’t worry about it.

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Catherine / Misfit Chick

Posted at 8:17 PM on March 17, 2014  

It is SO SAD that this cute little boy was brainwashed like this. He is a victim who will create more victims with what he learns.

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Posted at 6:50 PM on March 17, 2014  

Guys… he was a manipulable child, and saddly he still is a manipulable child. Only now, the ones who manipulates him now TAKE his money, instead of GIVING him money. Do not condemn him because he is a victim. When a crime is committed, everybody should punish the criminal. Not the victim.

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Posted at 4:29 PM on March 17, 2014  

OK..but I bet we wont see him giving all his money back, huh? The church will get and he will be a broke druggie. Sad. And..pathetic.

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Posted at 3:21 PM on March 17, 2014  

What an ungrateful idiot. These “church” will have him broke very soon.

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You Must Be Gullible

Posted at 2:54 PM on March 17, 2014  

Because one Kirk “Holier than thou” Cameron wasn’t enough?

What’s that? You felt like a hypocrite taking $300 Grand an episode for years and years? Well then I know millions of Americans who desperately need money to buy food and medicine, and keep a roof over their heads. I’m sure you’d feel like less a hypocrite if you started handing out your cash to the needy instead of spending it on ironic Christian themed t shirts. If you’re gonna impersonate John the Baptist then you should go whole hog and give away all your possessions. That way I won’t have to hear an obnoxiously rich spoiled brat whine about how much money he made parroting Charlie Sheen quips.

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Posted at 9:17 PM on March 18, 2014  

I wish more would speak up and try to get less obscene pay for actors, athletes, rock stars and give that money to people who REALLY keep the communities going like police, firemen, teachers, nurses who save lives and put their own lives on the line for others…….IN REAL LIFE……..not pretend life. I hate the greed of Hollywood and the rich bastards who don’t deserve even 1/4 of what they make – it’s American greed at it’s best – one reason other countries around the world hate us. They think we’re ALL rich and throw our money around……..when most of us live paycheck to paycheck – IF we’re lucky.

So I’m glad this kid is exposing it – maybe he’ll make a difference for those less fortunate.
Maybe not.

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Posted at 2:26 PM on March 17, 2014  

I hope he donated all the money he did with the show that nobody should watch. God will be angry at him if he kept those pay checks :P

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Posted at 1:40 PM on March 17, 2014  

Reblogged this on newageoftruth.

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