‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Callie & Arizona Hit Another Bump In The Road

On the March 13 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' Hunt calls Cristina on her B.S. while Arizona's relationship with Callie struggles after they find out who filed the harassment complaint and why. In case you've forgotten, Grey’s Anatomy takes place in a hospital -- and they make it a point to remind you of that over and over and over again during the March 13 episode.

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Another Bump In The Road For Callie & Arizona

Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy opened with a patient who had a cracked skull that spurted blood during CPR, reminding us that all of these crazy hyper emotional doctors really do work in a hospital.

Then, a little boy with a massive case of jaundice  who is getting a diversion surgery to hopefully save his life steals our hearts when he notices Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) fake leg and asks her: “Are you a robot?” It’s nice to see that Arizona has a sense of humor about it, even after spending the morning cleaning Sophia’s spilled juice off of her leg. This topic of Arizona’s fake leg hasn’t been touched in a while, has it? Boy, things have changed!

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Dr. Hunt (Kevin McKidd) jumps in and is an instant party pooper when he pulls his serious business Chief of Staff role to take Jo (Camilla Luddington) out of pediatrics and suspend Karev (Justin Chambers) from surgeries because they broke the no fraternizing rule on last week’s episode. Karev is pissed and storms off, which isn’t surprising at all, but Dr. Hunt isn’t finished delivering his bad news: Human Resources also wants to talk to Arizona. Why? Because the anonymous harassment complaint came from her separated-from-Callie fling, Leah (Tessa Ferrer). Did your jaw hit the floor when you put two-and-two together at the same time as Arizona? Mine is still sore.

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Things get even more shocking when Arizona has her sit down with HR and finds out the complaint hasn’t been lodged against her, it’s been lodged against Callie (Sara Ramirez). Why would Leah file a complaint against Callie? Just plain jealously, it looks like. Of course, this puts another bump in the road for Arizona and Callie. Just when they were all settled in their brand new house and happy as ever, Leah takes a bulldozer to their white picket fence. Arizona isn’t having it though, because she’s had enough of her life without Callie. Arizona gives a compelling and emotional speech about how much she needs Callie, and just when you think Callie’s giving up again — she comes right back.

Is Derek (Patrick Dempsey) too busy for the hospital now that he’s got his big White House appointed job? Does anyone even know what he’s doing? It feels like it’s sort of left field and unexplained, doesn’t it? He’s getting an office, but where? In the hospital? In Washington D.C.? I need McDreamy to start elaborating on this gig ASAP.

The Residents Find A ‘Dumpster Baby’

Jo mopes around the hospital for a bit after finding out she’s been switched out of peds, and she discovers Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) outside hanging out with a dumpster. The residents don’t have it so good right now, and Leah’s “anonymous” complaint really hasn’t helped. It’s just kind of made everyone’s lives awkward and uncomfortable and now everyone is avoiding each other like the plague. But Jo and Stephanie get in some bonding after Jo apologizes for laying the blame on her in last week’s episode. Stephanie is happy to have a friend, and almost immediately starts venting about Jackson and April getting married. She makes some very valid points as she wonders what she was to him that whole time they were “together” that he could drop her so quickly and get married within 24 hours of doing so. Stephanie is so upset about it she kicks a baby.

No, okay, the baby is actually hidden where she can’t see it inside of a cardboard box next to the dumpster. But she definitely kicked it. Apparently that wasn’t enough of a relief for her because then she broke Arizona’s (fake) leg when she tripped her over a gurney. Okay, okay, she didn’t do it on purpose. BUT STILL! Later in the episode she runs Jackson’s leg over with another gurney. Even though she gets a round of applause for it, Stephanie should go home for the day, maybe take a nap or something. It’s definitely not her day.

Dr. Hunt is being a little hard on Jo, but she deserves it. After the non-fraternizing rule breaking, she needs to be put back on the right path. This is exactly why Dr. Hunt put her in trauma, and once she realizes that she’s thrilled about it. There was a whole lot of doctor-lingo in that conversation, but she gets to scrub in for a major surgery and it’s enough to help her forget that her relationship with Karev got her intro trouble.

Derek must have heard me, because he’s in his new office — in the hospital — and Skyping with someone presumably in Washington D.C. We don’t learn anything new about what he’s up to, but we do learn that D.C. is forcing him to end his clinical work with Callie. Like Derek said, she was definitely not happy about it, especially when he lets her know that it’s her who won’t be working on the trials any more. So all of that hard work they both did gets handed only to him and brought up to a higher level of study with his new position. Poor Callie.

Hunt Makes Cristina Speechless

The “dumpster baby,” as it’s being affectionately called by the doctors and residents alike, is getting VIP treatment and all the check ups it could possibly need. The scar on the baby’s chest is a sign that it’s had surgery before, but there are no records of the baby in the hospital’s files. Cristina is even getting involved now, but she doesn’t want to hold the baby. Instead, she makes Shane (Gauis Charles) do it. Wait, why would she let Shane hold a baby? Didn’t he just get two people killed? Later, Cristina catches him shocking the baby when his heart fails and for a moment you think, ‘Oh no, here goes the Dumpster Baby…’ — but no. Shane did something right, and he saved the baby instead. Things are really turning around for him.

In fact, I’m even rooting for Shane when Cristina gives him a really inspiring speech about how he doesn’t have to be running around getting anyone’s coffee. He’s a doctor, and he should be focusing on that and not on people-pleasing. Maybe that’s been his problem all along, maybe he needs to focus on medicine and forget everything else.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has a bombshell for Cristina (Sandra Oh): Dr. Hunt has broken up with his girlfriend, Emma (Marguerite Moreau).  She seems surprised by the news, but I’m not. Cristina and Hunt had a steamy reunion last week, and they both made it clear they were not over each other. So is a reunion in sight? A real one? Cristina tries to make it seem like she’s not interested in all after the trailer hook up, but Hunt calls her on her crap when he calls her out on being upset about him breaking up with his girlfriend. Cristina Yang, speechless? Yup, she’s guilty.

Jackson Tries Making Peace With Stephanie

April (Sarah Drew) has somehow gotten stuck explaining to a donor with a stalking issue that he can’t get his kidney back now that the patient who got it is a vegetable, for lack of a better word. Who even tries to get their kidney back? Where is Jackson? Being deprived a steamy make out session seems unfair. Did we break the no-fraternizing rule, too? Though, the couple do have a sweet moment when April asks Jackson to apologize to Stephanie for what happened, and to make sure he apologizes on her behalf, too. It’s a nice gesture, but maybe she should be the one apologizing on her own behalf.

A coincidental turn of events, Jackson gets stuck filling out paperwork in a conference room with Stephanie, and it allows him a chance to try and apologize like April asked. Jackson gives a really sincere apology, but Stephanie is too angry to hear it. She’s decided she doesn’t care about him or what happened at all, and then she’s the one storming out on him. It’s not exactly a resolution, but at least he tried.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do you think about tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Are you surprised that Leah filed the complaint against Callie? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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