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Woman Miraculously Births Healthy Baby After It Grows In Stomach

Wed, March 12, 2014 3:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 13 Comments
Woman Births Baby Outside Womb

A pregnant woman who was suffering from what she thought was an upset stomach found out that her baby was floating around inside her abdomen. Despite the scary complication, doctors delivered her baby safe and sound during surgery.

A woman who was 23-weeks pregnant and had received more than one ultrasound found out her baby was growing outside of the nourishing amniotic sac. The baby was delivered immediately by surgery, and now the mom and her baby are back at home and healthy as ever.

Pregnant Woman’s Fetus Grows Outside Of Womb

So, it looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior really is possible!

A 22-year-old pregnant woman in Mwanza, Tanzania thought that she was just experiencing a bad stomach ache when she went to the hospital. After giving her an ultrasound, doctors assumed she had a urinary tract infection along with anemia, and after some treatments her symptoms eased up a bit.

Two days later, the woman had a second ultrasound which is when doctors discovered that her baby was growing outside of the womb and instead floating around her stomach. Because the baby was outside of it’s womb, it was not being protected or nourished by the amniotic fluid and sac which remained intact inside of the unused womb.

Doctors held an emergency surgery on the young woman, and I am happy to report that they delivered a tiny but healthy baby girl at 3lbs 7oz. Mom had to be given a blood transfusion due to her anemia, but once she was deemed in good health both her and her daughter were discharged and sent home.

A happy ending after a scary situation for this expanding family!

Ectopic Pregnancies Often Risk Mother’s Life

This particular mother was much luckier than other pregnant women who experience ectopic pregnancies. It’s unusual for the pregnancies to be picked up on an ultrasound, and usually occur due to an expelled fertilized egg or a ruptured fallopian tube.

Pregnancies that get trapped in the abdomen are incredibly dangerous for the mother because they often result in heavy internal bleeding, as well as anemia, and infection. All of these issues can be life threatening for the mother, especially during the birthing process.

Ectopic babies can also die if they are not delivered through surgery, and the fetus will calcify inside the mother without her knowing until it’s too late. Babies who survive the pregnancy often see birth defects due to compression inside the abdomen as a result of not being protected by the amniotic sac.

Tell us, HollyMoms — Have you heard of ectopic pregnancies before? Let us know your thoughts on the subject below!

— Lauren Cox

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