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Dying Boy, 7, Finally Gets Life Saving Medicine From Shamed Drug Company

Wed, March 12, 2014 10:45am EDT by Lauren Cox 7 Comments
Dying Boy Receive Drug
Courtesy of Instagram

The 7-year-old boy who is dying from a viral infection after surviving cancer four times has finally gotten some good news. The drug company that originally denied him the anti-viral medicine that could save his life has finally agreed to give it to him after public outrcry.

Josh Hardy, 7, stole America’s hearts when his parents started an online campaign to save his life after pharmaceutical company Chimerix denied him the life saving drugs he needs. Now, the company has announced that they will help save Josh’s life and provide him the drug he needs.

Dying Boy To Receive Life Saving Drug

Josh Hardy is a brave little boy who has survived four rounds of kidney cancer, heart failure, and a bone marrow transplant. On March 11, the world learned that Josh was suffering from a viral infection that was slowly taking his life. The only medicine that could save him, Brincidofovir, was denied to him by it’s manufacturer because they claimed it would be too expensive and interfere with getting the drug FDA approved for a wider market.

That same day, after receiving what we can only assume were thousands of phone calls, faxes, and emails from Josh’s Army — a group of 19k followers on Facebook — Chimerix announced they would be providing Brincidofovir to Josh within 48 hours for free.

Doctors at St. Jude’s Children Hospital had originally suggested that Josh try taking trial drug Brincidofovir because it has been proven to clear up adenovirus in children within just two weeks. Chimerix denied their request for treatment because manufacturing two weeks of the drug could cost them up to $50,000 of their research  money which is being used to get the drug FDA approved and available to the masses. Because of Josh, the FDA has allowed Chimerix a to launch a 20-patient open-label clinical trial. Josh will be the first patient in the trial.

Drug Company Refuses To Help Dying 7-Year-Old Boy — Denies Medication

Hardy Family Eternally Grateful For Supporters

Now that their little boy has a chance at life again, parents Aimee and Todd are extending their gratitude to everyone who got involved and helped convince Chimerix to save Josh’s life. The family has not only spoken out on the Josh’s Facebook page, but they have spoken out to multiple outlets about how grateful they are to the complete strangers who stepped up to fight for their son.

“The one thing I would want to share with America is thank you so much for the love and support,” Aimee told Good Morning America on March 12.

Before the trial that will hopefully save Josh’s life was announced, Chimerex President and CEO Kenneth Moch released a statement that explained to everyone this situation with Josh is exactly why Brincidofovir needs to approved and available to others without delay.

“We all have great compassion for this child,” Kenneth’s statement read. “We spent our lives trying to develop new medications for patients just like Josh. We need to make sure to get this drug available as soon as possible to as many people as possible.”

Tell us, HollyMoms — What do you think about Chimerix finally agreeing to help save Josh’s life? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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