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Nikki Ferrell: Don’t Stay With Juan Pablo If He Can’t Fully Commit To You

Tue, March 11, 2014 10:04am EDT by Emily Longeretta 16 Comments

I’m pretty sure there’s never been a more dramatic ‘Bachelor’ finale, but in the end, Juan Pablo chose Nikki and they ran off into the sunset together… except the sun may have already set on their relationship, and Nikki should definitely have her guard up.

When Juan Pablo Galavis decided to give his final rose to Nikki Ferrell, I was pretty relieved that he didn’t propose — if he wasn’t 100 percent sure if he wanted to marry her, it was good that he didn’t ask. Even when he couldn’t tell her he loved her and she still accepted the rose, I understood. However, when he still wouldn’t say it four months later at the After the Final Rose special, that red rose turned to a red flag.

Nikki: Break Up With Juan Pablo If He Won’t Committ

I think most women would be hesitant if they continually told a man how in love they were and he answered with, “I like you, I like you a lot.” Uhh, what do you mean?

Well, that’s what JuanPabs did and while it made me ridiculously uncomfortable — he even said the engagement ring was in his pocket but he wasn’t “100 percent sure” so instead he gave her  rose — it made me even more worried for Nikki! I respect that he didn’t propose if he wasn’t ready — nothing’s worse than having a proposal, followed by a “just kidding” moment.

However, Four months after the finale took place, we cut to the After the Final Rose special where Juan Pablo admitted to Chris Harrison that he still hadn’t said those three little words . . . and that Nikki was okay with it?

You Can Be Private & Still Be In Love

I get that it’s a private relationship and that that is behind closed doors, but The Bachelor is about finding love. Even Sean Lowe said that when he knew he was in love with Catherine Giudici, he couldn’t wait to tell her. Sure, sometimes it takes some longer than others to say the phrase, but he doesn’t even act like it!

Juan Pablo claims that that’s their private life, but why go on The Bachelor if you don’t want to brag when you fall in love? Chris Harrison explained it best — this is the good stuff, this is the stuff you want to share.

As long as Nikki  sticks to her word — she said the moment she feels like it’s off, she’ll be out — then it’s ok. I’m a little worried however that she’s already so deep in and will end up with a broken heart. If Juan Pablo won’t completely commit, that’s a problem! He’s already been dating 27 women for months — it’s time for it to be all about the two of them!

Like I said, I respect him for not proposing and for not saying “I love you” if he wasn’t ready. But I just hope that Nikki can see that he may not be who she thinks he is, and if he doesn’t commit sooner rather than later, she’s got to say goodbye. Or else, he’s going to be a real thorn in her side. Pun intended.

Alright, HollywoodLifers — what do you think? Do you think Nikki needs to get out if Juan Pablo won’t commit? Or should she stick it out? Let me know!

— Emily Longeretta

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