Juan Pablo’s ‘After The Final Rose’ Surprise: He Backed Out Of His Proposal

The only thing stranger than Juan Pablo and Chris Harrison's awkward back and forth on 'After the Final Rose' on March 10 was the mysterious surprise that Chris and the team had been hyping up. Juan Pablo said it never existed, but a new report says he had planned to propose to Nikki. Here's what happened. Well, that's live TV for you! During the finale of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison reminded the audience that during the After the Final Rose special, Juan Pablo would have a huge surprise. However, when he put JP on the spot, the 32 year old acted like he had no idea what Chris was talking about. However, according to a new report, he was bluffing! There was a surprise, and he just backed out at the last minute!

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Juan Pablo’s Surprise Revealed

Juan Pablo had informed the producers of ABC’s The Bachelor‘s After the Finale Rose special that he was planning on proposing to Nikki Ferrell, RealitySteve has reported. The network also reportedly offered him a large chunk of money to do so. However, after all the negative press he got throughout the season, as well as the interviews Chris Harrison had been doing — in which he made less than flattering comments about Juan Pablo — the Bachelor decided to can his proposal.

Nikki Ferrell Speaks Out: Why I’m Fine With Not Getting A Proposal

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Instead, he acted like he had no idea what Chris Harrison was talking about and made the host look completely misinformed. Reality Steve also added that Neil Lane, the engagement ring designer who appears on every Bachelor or Bachelorette finale, was in attendance in St. Lucia.

However, Juan Pabs actually had no intention of popping the question on the show finale, an insider also told E! Online.

Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Don’t Understand Juan Pablo

Meanwhile, on After the Final Rose special, Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe, who were both in the audience, must have been expecting a proposal as well. Catherine even said on air that she was “really confused.”

Catherine pretty much called out JP on his decision not to propose or to reveal his real deep feelings about Nikki. She also pointed out that he shouldn’t complain about being in the public eye after accepting the role as the Bachelor: “Don’t slap the hand that fed you.”

Sean Lowe pointed out in the special that the moment he fell in love with his now-wife Catherine, he couldn’t wait to tell her. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that Juan Pablo might feel differently — “To each their own,” he told the audience on the show.

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Juan Pablo’s behavior? Do you think he and Nikki will last, or are they done already? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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