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Hot Chelle Rae Talk New Music & Their Fascination With Jared Leto

Tue, March 11, 2014 12:01am EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
Hot Chelle Rae Interview
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Hot Chelle Rae has completed their third album — unless another song comes up that they want to include! The band, made up of Ryan, Nash and Jamie chatted with about their new video for ‘Don’t Say Goodnight,’ what it’s like to be on stage before Lil Jon and Justin Bieber, and their relationship with the Cyrus girls.

For the guys of Hot Chelle Rae, the sky’s the limit. Following their huge hits “I Like It Like That” and “Tonight, Tonight,” the band is about to release their third album, and it’s much different than their first two. Read on for‘s exclusive interview.

HollywoodLife: Tell me about this new album you’re working on.
Hot Chelle Rae: We have the body of work finally completed after like two years of touring and writing on the road. You always want to do something that you haven’t done before but still you know can keep the fans that fell in love with a certain thing you do, I feel like we really did that well with this album. I feel like theres a wide array of songs like stuff you can dance to like stuff you can just get drunk and sing along to your friends to really out of key, stuff that has a lot of heart behind it. I’m really excited for the fans to see the whole collection of this. I feel like it’s nothing that someone who loved our last album couldn’t like, but it reaches another whole bunch of people that we never got to before.

HL: You talked about hanging with Miley Cyrus in “I Like It Like That” and now you’re working with her sister, Brandi Cyrus. What’s the relationship with them like?
HCR: I’ve known Brandi since the third grade! Nash became friends with her, I guess we all started hanging out. Their family is pretty connected to us, I guess. We were just in the studio, and Nash hits her up like ‘come hang out.’ I couldn’t do enough of a sassy girl impression! It sounded like a chipmunk!

HL: Could Mike Posner be on your new album, since you’ve been hanging out with him?
HCR: We do a lot of stuff with Mike just for fun! Nothings out of the question for sure! It would be cool to have Mike on the album for sure.

HL: Who are you dreaming to work with?
HCR: I mean we name-checked A$AP Rocky in “Don’t Say Goodnight,” so I think that one would be pretty freakin’ cool. But I don’t think we’re opposed to any kind of collaboration because you never know what’s going to happen with a different artists. Katy Perry would be fun!

HL: Traditions before taking the stage together?
HCR: Jamie does this elaborate stretching routine, Nash and I kind of bounce around and sing songs and kind of get warmed up, but not very professionally, like we just sing for fun. Then we all kinda huddle say a prayer, maybe take a shot of bourbon before we hit the stage, and try to play the best show we can. [We also do] this weird thing we learned from Danny form The Script. [He] taught us that no matter what’s going on in your life, before you go on stage, they all give each other a firm handshake, and look each other in the eye and tell them to have a good show. So that that way they leave any bad energy, they leave it back stage and go out there and do anything professional.

HL: I’ve got to know — celebrity crushes?
HCR: After last night at the Oscars — some of those dresses made switch up my opinion! Jared Leto is prettier than most of the girls there. But just on those dresses, I’m going to go with Kate Hudson. (One of the other guys chose Ellen DeGeneres!)

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— Emily Longeretta