Juan Pablo Disses [Spoiler] After Sending Her Home

Mon, March 10, 2014 11:28pm EST by 8 Comments

It looks like Juan Pablo just had to get the last word in. As if sending Clare home wasn’t bad enough, he had to diss her on her way out too. How rude!

As we’ve seen many times before, Juan Pablo Galavis does not like to lose fights, so after he sent Clare Crawley home and she dissed him, he decided to return the favor by getting in one last nasty comment as she left. Talk about egotistical!

Juan Pablo Galavis Disses Clare Crawley As She Leaves ‘The Bachelor’

It’s hard enough to lose any competition, but when it’s a competition like The Bachelor where your heart is on the line, losing can be devastating.

It’s been so clear throughout the season, and especially during the March 10 finale, just how much Juan Pablo meant to Clare. So to see him diss her after sending her home just seemed wrong.

Clare may have given him some ammo when she said she would never want someone like him to be the father of her children, but he had just turned her down on live television so from where we’re standing, she had the right to make that comment.

But instead of being chivalrous and keeping quiet during the After the Final Rose special, Juan Pablo just had to diss Clare. “I’m glad I didn’t pick her,” he blurted out for all of the world to hear. Unbelievable!

Clare Crawley Knew Juan Pablo Galavis Wasn’t The One

This whole exchange, including Clare’s diss, was shocking. But Clare admitted that she had a gut feeling that Juan Pablo wasn’t the one, and that’s why she called him into her room to talk the night before the ceremony.

Though we don’t know for sure what was said during their infamous helicopter ride, we do know it really rubbed Clare the wrong way. From that moment, we really think she knew that Juan Pablo was not the man for her.

What did YOU think of the show, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it was cruel of Juan Pablo to diss Clare? Let us know!

– India Irving

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Posted at 10:50 AM on March 13, 2014  

Clare got what she deserved. She acted like a whore and treat like one. Most of the girls were rude and craved attention. Yes JP was honest.. Too honest. Clare is a manipulator and made her last move before the final rosé. Andi knew what her aspirations were ….. the reason she made up her stories. She thought it was Law and Order. Andi three herself on JP. JP had to chief girls whom he had a connection with? So why are there so many complaints. JP fell for Nikki for a while. Didnt anyone notice that. The only thing wrong ice did was to keep Claire and Andi around for so long. These girls can’t deal with rejection he should have just had everyone of them. So he didnt kiss one and blamed it in his daughter so what!?? If he did it would have been something else. All these women forcing themselves on him wanting to kiss when he didnt. Cry babies. Women get a hold of yourselves.

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Posted at 12:59 AM on March 31, 2014  

You’re right.

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Posted at 10:05 PM on March 11, 2014  

What did anyone see in him? That’s all I wanna know. I mean his eyes are too close together he looks like a rat. Everything he says seems so douchy. Sorry but if you’re crying for this guy then you are stupid.

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Posted at 5:55 PM on March 11, 2014  

Honestly, if I would get such a trash reaction I would be glad I dodge the bullet too.she threw herself onto him and then she is “shocked” by the comments? Seriously would JP make such acomment to Nikki? Dont think so! Clare was so rude to Nikki refusing to leave her room with idiotic comments. Please, she tried to use her sexappeal from day1 and when it didnt work out she tried to blame it on JP. On the whole “didnt propose” are they together -yes; are they happy? Yes . So what does it matter? How many proposed and broke up anyways? If anything we should respect them for resisting the public pressure. When they are ready they will be ready and if not then good luck to both!
The only thing that I would criticise JP would be how he handled group dates kissing pretty much all women with couple of minutes in between and yes he comes across rude sometimes. With that said, all women are free to walk out at anytime, so if you dont like it here is the door. I anyhow dont get how only few women e.g. sharleen asked whether the guy is the guy for them instead of trying to see ift hey fit to him…

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Posted at 5:57 PM on March 11, 2014  

Ps: i refer to jp being glad he didnt chose clare. Drama queen…she would totally make no drama with his ex wife!!!!

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Lara Satlar

Posted at 6:21 AM on March 11, 2014  

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Just saying...

Posted at 1:11 AM on March 11, 2014  

I think by just looking at him you could tell he is a son of a gun, no good, spoiled rotten brat who feels entitled and that the world owes him. All the girls should be happy they missed that chance. “Winning” would have been equivalent to the day of their funeral. He is no good. Be careful with looks. They can be very deceitful.

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Mister Baja

Posted at 11:38 PM on March 10, 2014  

………Home Alone?

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