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Canelo Vs. Angulo: Saul Alverez Dominates In TKO Win

Sun, March 9, 2014 10:57am EDT by 5 Comments
Canelo Alvarez Alfredo Angulo Fight
Kevork Djansezian/Sports/Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez finally finds redemption in defeating Alfredo Angulo during their 12-round super welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden on Mar. 8, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Canelo Alvarez, 23, took down Alfredo Angulo, 31, in a match some are calling a redemption match for Canelo. The super welterweight previously suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of title-holder Floyd Mayweather Jr., however, in this bout, Canelo definitely proved he’s still got it.

Canelo Alvarez Vs Alfredo Angulo: Canelo Dominates

Still hunted by his big loss against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Canelo found a much easier opponent in Alfredo, reports CBS News.

“Tonight, I was the best fighter and definitely rebounded from the Mayweather fight with my performance,” Canelo said.

Canelo brutalized and outclassed Alfredo on the night of Mar. 8., before leveling him with an uppercut in the 10th round that prompted referee Tony Weeks to intervene during their junior middleweight fight, reports CBS News.

Canelo (43-1-1) never was able to put down Alfredo (22-4), but pounded him with punches (295 landed) throughout the fight. The dominant Canelo hit Alfredo (only 104 landed punches) with hard combinations that almost always found their mark. By the middle rounds, there was hardly any suspense left. The only question that remained for the bout was  whether or not Alfredo could last against Canelo’s combinations.

Canelo Rebounds From Mayweather Beating

Canelo’s fight was in marked contrast to his last fight in which he was dominated by Mayweather. But while Mayweather was the master of defense, Alfredo put up almost no resistance, and seemed to just be in there taking punch after punch.

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— Bryant Perkins

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