Millionaire Matchmaker Star Marisa Saks Talks Relationships & More had a chance to speak with Marisa Saks, star of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti Stanger's #1 go to gal. You'll be happy to hear her knowledge and thoughts on many relationships in Hollywood and so much more! We all know and love Millionaire Matchmaker. And the newest addition to the Millionaire’s Club team, Marisa has become a great matchmaker and featured throughout the latest season of Millionaire Matchmaker and now has her for a few questions! Check it out!

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Marisa Saks

Marisa Saks Talks EXCLUSIVELY to

The former competitive figure skater-come-matchmaker tells it like it is. so take a look at our EXCLUSIVE interview with Marisa where she answers a plethora of our questions that go from Hollywood relationships to her dating Do’s & Don’ts. Enjoy the read!

We love the relationships between Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart here at, but those relationships are often filled with heartache, do you believe that it is worth rebuilding relationships like that or should you really let a bad thing go?

MS – I think that if you have a strong enough foundation and both parties want to prepare, then it is definitely something able to heal. You just have to be willing to pick up the pieces and put them back together. I think any relationship if you want it to work, as long as both parties are in then it works! People aren’t perfect and things happen, heartbreak is awful but I  think it can work!

What are some of your favorite celeb couples and who are some that you’d like to see come together?

MS – I would have to say that I love Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The reason is because I feel that they keep their personal life personal. Even though they are in the Hollywood eye and the worlds eye, they just have their own life and you just know that it is healthy! Jen is a Mom first which is amazing! Especially when you are such a huge star, it is amazing that they have such a strong relationship! They don’t need to prove themselves to anyone, so I look up to that!

And I would say Kristen Stewart and Ryan Gosling would be a cute couple. They would be cute because he is just gossip free. He keeps his personal life personal. Kristen has some dating and breakup issues, so maybe he would ground her out and find happiness in between. They could be the Ying and Yang for each other.

What are your dating Do’s and Don’ts?

MS – My three biggest things are that you always need to listen. You have to listen to your partner and what they are saying, that is so important. People forget that all the time. You always have to keep eye contact with them, it is so small and easy but people forget to do it. It is really important, it shows that they are special and you are giving them your time. And three, be appreciative. Going back to kindergarden, its simple with Please and Thank You! Just be appreciative, a man wants to be appreciated, so we should appreciate him and vice versa!

Some great ideas and great advice, thanks Marisa for taking the time to help us out and all our BFFs!

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