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Mom Who Drove Minivan Into Ocean — Police Pulled Over 2 Hours Before

Thu, March 6, 2014 11:11am EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments
Mom Drives Minivan Ocean
Courtesy of YouTube

In a shocking turn of events, the pregnant mother who drove her minivan full of children into the ocean on March 4 was pulled over by local police just two hours before the incident. Why did they let her go?

The plot thickens — Daytona police have confirmed that they pulled over the pregnant mother of three just hours before she drove off the road and into the ocean with her kids in the car.

Mom Pulled Over By Police Before Driving Into Ocean

New information surrounding the 31-year-old pregnant woman who drove her minivan into the ocean in an attempt of killing her three children has been revealed. Daytona Police shared on Wednesday, March 5 during a press conference that Ebony Wilkerson‘s sister called 911 after she left the house with the three children. Ebony’s sister claims that she was scared after hearing her sister talking about “demons” before leaving the house in the minivan.

Police later pulled over the black Honda Odyssey for a staged routine traffic stop, and Ebony shared concerns that her husband would be coming to Florida to harm her and her children. Police also reported that Ebony was lucid at the time of the traffic stop, and did not appear mentally unstable which is why she was ultimately let go.

Apparently, on Monday, March 3, drove herself to the Halifax Health Medical Center to voluntarily check herself in, but later changed her mind and left.

Mom Who Drove Minivan Into Ocean — Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Police Say Woman Did Not Fit ‘Baker Act’ Profile

In Florida, the police can take someone involuntarily into custody if they seem to be a threat to themselves or others. This is thanks to The Florida Mental Health Act, also known as the Baker Act. Despite the call from Ebony’s sister, police were not able to take her into custody due to the Baker Act.

“When we spoke with her she was lucid,” Police Chief Mike Chitwood explained during the March 5 press conference. “The children were in the back seat, they were buckled in and were not in distress. Although the sergeant said she looked like she had some mental illness, she did not fit the criteria for going into custody under the Baker Act.”

Tell us HollyMoms — Do you think that this incident could have been avoided if police took Ebony into custody? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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