Amber Portwood’s Harsh Words For Jenelle Evans: You Need To Change

Wed, March 5, 2014 2:00pm EST by 9 Comments
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Amber Portwood
Courtesy of MTV

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Posted at 4:27 PM on July 24, 2014  

i understand a lot of you don’t agree with what jenelle’s doing, and I don’t either, but i’m not constantly going on sites like this to continually bash her. A lot of you people have been throwing insults, death threats etc. at her. A lot of you guys sound just as bad as jenelle herself saying those things, if not, worse. Plus, if you guys really cared about her, you wouldn’t be saying those horrible things to her. Stop bashing her, the ones bashing her sound just like her. Grow up and find something better to do with your lives. Push the power button on your computer if you have to.

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Posted at 2:14 AM on March 12, 2014  

First off I think it would be good advice if janelle was still using but I honestly believe janelle and that she is not using any more. She looks a lot better and acts better and she did go through horrible withdrawls and everything. She met Nathan at just the right time ane he has totally influenced her to do better. She has a baby in her belly that means she goes to doctor appts and gets drug tested. I think janelle is finally doing good in life and amber needs to mind her own and stop bashing her. Maybe amber is the one who is back on drugs?!

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Posted at 1:14 PM on March 8, 2014  

I agree Amber knows what’s it’s like and she needs to tell her straight up because if she don’t stop and think she is going to do what Amber did. I love amber yeah she didn’t do the right things and she made big mistakes but she making it right now, she trying really hard and so I think she deserve to have what everyone else have

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Posted at 8:28 AM on March 6, 2014  

Amber is absolutely right. Jenelle uses her past and mental illness as excuses for her behavior. Amber dealt with every issue jenelle has and she managed to turn things around. If she can do it no reason jenelle cant. Amber is really the only person who can speak out, she pretty much has walked in jenelles shoes. If jenelle doesn’t listen it jusr proves how stupid she really is.h

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Posted at 5:00 PM on March 5, 2014  

Of course Amber can give Janelle advice. She’s been through addiction and domestic violence issues and served time behind bars. I think Janelle should have been put behind bars a long time ago!! As far as I know, Amber hasn’t been pregnant at least 4 times either. I don’t a agree with the lifestyle either girl lives/has lived but I wish them both much happiness in life.

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Posted at 2:51 PM on March 5, 2014  

I think it’s good to hear it from someone else because whoever goes through that stuff and turn their life around for the better. It’s better to hear it from Amber because she went through the same path. So, Jenelle needs to change or she can lose her kid and the one on the way. Taking custody of her son and the baby away can be a very serious problem. It’s never too late for for her to get better.

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heather rain

Posted at 2:09 PM on March 5, 2014  

amber needs to take her own advice instead of blaming everyone else for her problems at least jenelle does realize she has no one to blame but herself’ I won’t be watching amber anymore she hasn’t changed if you ask me.

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Posted at 2:39 PM on March 5, 2014  

Hmm…I didn’t hear any blame game. Just personal opinion and friendly advice from a recovering addict to a continuing addict.

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Kitty sha (@Kittysha8)

Posted at 3:37 PM on March 5, 2014  

I’m sorry, what? Jenelle has never taken responsibility of her mistakes. It is always someone else. Amber went to prison since that was the only way to get rid of her addiction. Jenelle hasn’t even step into a rehab clinic since the last time when she barely made it for 10 days.

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