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‘American Idol’ Recap: Emily Piriz Sings Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’

Wed, March 5, 2014 10:18pm EDT by 4 Comments

On the March 5 episode of ‘American Idol,’ the Top 12 perform — and Emily Piriz sings a JLo song! Gutsy!

Is there anything more brave than choosing to sing a song originally recorded by one of the people judging you? We think not. On the March 5 episode of American Idol, favorite Emily Piriz chose to sing Jennifer Lopez‘s “Let’s Get Loud,” and, quite frankly, she could have been a bit louder! But what did Jennifer think? Read on for our full recap and tell us what you thought about this week’s crop of performances from the Top 12!

‘American Idol’ Recap: Jena Irene, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse & Dexter Roberts Perform

The theme for tonight’s performances is “home,” and so all the choices by the contestants have been made with their home, or what home means to them, in mind. On with the show!

1. Jena Irene, “Suddenly I See,” by KT Tunstall
Jena sang a slightly more up-tempo version of this song, and made the great melodic choices we’re used to seeing from her. The best part about her performance is how happy she was singing it. She couldn’t stop smiling as she was singing, “suddenly I see/this is where I wanna be!” Keith Urban told her that she likes the way her stage presence is coming to life, and Jennifer told her that the uniqueness of her tone of voice makes any song that she chooses her own. Harry Connick Jr. wished she had been even more energetic!

2. Alex Preston, “I Don’t Wanna Be,” by Gavin DeGraw
OMG, we love you, Alex. He’s the coolest kid. His performance seemed kind of up and down, and Jennifer made a face as soon as he finished playing like she was bracing herself. After complimenting him on his choice to roll up his pant cuffs, she told him that she was not thrilled about the arrangement choice for the song. While Harry complimented him on doing the arrangement himself and encouraged him to continue doing so, Harry didn’t think that this one in particular was a home run.

3. Jessica Meuse, “White Flag,” by Dido
Jessica sang a suuuper country, slow jam version of this song. It was not very exciting, unfortunately! Harry thought it was a bit blasé, and lay into her for not being “present” in the performance. He explained that normally she’s in tune, but that this time she was so far off that the audience didn’t even applaud when she hit the high notes. Yikes. Jennifer and Keith agreed that the sharpness of her pitch wouldn’t have mattered, though, if she had been singing with more conviction and emotion. Agree!

4. Dexter Roberts, “Lucky Man,” by Montgomery Gentry
Dexter sounds good! Probably! Can we admit that we don’t know anything about country music? Have y’all figured that out yet? During judging, Keith told him that it was the perfect song! So the judges agree with us! So, maybe we are country music geniuses after all.

‘American Idol’ Recap: Emily Piriz, Caleb Johnson, MK Nobilette, & CJ Harris Perform

5. Emily Piriz, “Let’s Get Loud,” by Jennifer Lopez
Oh my gosh. Everybody is so nervous right now. Of all the JLo songs, though, she picked the one with one lyric, basically, “let’s get loud,” repeated one billion times. I’m not so sure that she did a great job, but Jennifer did! She admitted her bias, though. Harry applauded her courage but that she wasn’t high energy enough for the song, and that the production was too big for her. Definitely a good way to put it — the music was a crutch for her! But we still think she’s super great and that she’ll definitely make it through to the Top 11.

6. Caleb Johnson, “Working Man,” by Rush
Harry told Caleb that while he did a great job, it was predictable. Caleb is pretty consistently, well, consistent, and Harry encouraged him to branch out a little. We agree — we kind of tuned out a little, honestly. He sounded fantastic, he really did! But it’s just like, yep, OK, he is doing the thing that he does. Keith and Jennifer reiterated that he has a great voice and gift but that we need to see different things from him.

7. MK Nobilette, “Drops of Jupiter,” by Train
Have the Idols been dosed with Tylenol PM or something backstage? Everybody is sooo low energy, and MK is no exception! We LOVE this song and we LOVE MK, and even the judges agreed that she needs to do bump up the confidence level and learn to connect with the audience. Let’s hope MK makes it through to another week!

8. CJ Harris, “Waiting On The World To Change,” by John Mayer
Gurl, you know we’re into the super-charming CJ singing an OG John Mayer song. He did a fantastic job! Keith correctly pointed out, though, that he needs to do a better job at making the songs his own instead of just straight covers. Still, though, nobody can deny that CJ is talented!

Pausing in the middle of recapping performances in order to give you incredible news: Ryan Seacrest told us that the spiritual advisors are in the audience! Fantastic.

‘American Idol’ Recap: Sam Woolf, Malaya Watson, Ben Briley & Majesty Rose Perform

9. Sam Woolf, “Just One” by Blind Pilot
You know we’re obsessed with Sam Woolf, because he is so talented and so cute, but this was song choice was a bummer. He was another low-key contestant! The judges told him as such, and that he needs to pick it up next week, despite his incredible talent and a voice like “butter!” (Keith’s words.)

10. Malaya Watson, “Take Me To The King,” by Tamela Mann
After being in the bottom last week, Malaya decided to take it back to her roots with a soulful, piano-driven performance. Isn’t it crazy that she’s only 16? She’s the best. Be our friend, Malaya! Anyway, the judges loooved her performance, as well they should have! Malaya gave Jennifer the “goosies” (goosebumps) — love it.

11. Ben Briley, “Turning Home,” by David Nail
Ben sang a country song! It was low energy! The judges told him to quit that! Then the judges ate devilled eggs because that’s Ben’s favorite food. I repeat: THE JUDGES ATE EGGS WITH THEIR HANDS ON LIVE TELEVISION. It was gross. Was anybody else grossed out? I felt it, viscerally, like a fishhook in the guts. Ben, get your life right! Whose favorite food is deviled eggs!!! Don’t you know about macaroni and cheese?

12. Majesty Rose, “Fix You,” by Coldplay
We’ve been fans of Majesty since her first audition, the preschool-teaching Disney princess of our hearts. Producers saved the best for last — she was easily the best performance of the night. She had a quiet confidence that was super compelling, and she sounded beautiful. She got a bit louder toward the end and the judges admonished her for leaving that quiet zone, but they loved it!

So, what did you think, HollywoodLifers? Who was your MVP of the night? What do you think the Idols were dosed with backstage to make them so low energy? NyQuil? Sleepytime tea? Benadryl? Be sure to vote and comment below!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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