Justin Bieber Goes Gangster — Sports Tattoos After Miami DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber is straight up gangster, son! Miami PD recently released photos of the Biebs showing off his many tattoos while doing hard time behind bars for his Miami drag racing DUI arrest. OK, maybe he's not that hard. Justin Bieber, 20, is a model prisoner, complete with an in-cell workout routine and prison tattoos. OK, maybe not. But he thinks he's bada** and that makes us smile. Miami PD released photos on March 3 of Bieber showing off his many tattoos, and of course this display of manhood was all done before he knocked out over 20 push-ups.

Justin Bieber Tattoos
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Justin Bieber Shows Off Tattoos For Police In Jail

Push-ups and tattoos — that pretty much sums up Justin’s prison stay in Miami following his drag racing DUI arrest by the Miami PD.

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The Miami Beach PD just released pics of a tatted-up Justin, presumably snapped to keep a record of the singer’s identifying marks, reports TMZ.

The pictures show a confident Justin lifting up his shirt, taking front, back, and side photos for police.

We at HollywoodLife.com can’t nail down which one is our favorite — it’s a close race between the weeping Jesus face and the Native American head.

Justin Behind Bars For Drag Racing DUI — Showing Off Tattoos

Justin reportedly hit speeds of 136 miles an hour around 1:30 in the morning on Jan. 23. Police soon arrived on the scene to haul the troubled pop star off to the big house.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is Justin trying too hard to be bad? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

— Bryant Perkins

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