‘The Voice’ Recap: Clarissa Serna Wows With ‘Zombie’ Performance

We saw some major talent during the first week of 'The Voice', and the contestants who competed in the third round of blind auditions were just as impressive! Blake kicked off the March 3 episode with only two stars on his team, but he picked up two of the most sought after singers of the night. The battle is on! Season 6 of The Voice certainly isn't short on talent! Singer-songwriter Clarissa Serna gave an amazing rendition of the Cranberries' hit song "Zombie" that compelled all four coaches to hit their buzzers and swing around in their big red chairs. And that wasn't even the only four-chair turn of the night! So who did Clarissa pick to be her mentor? Read on to find out!

The Voice Clarissa Serna Performance
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‘The Voice’: Clarissa Serna’s Performance Of ‘Zombie’ — Blind Auditions Week 2

The Voice returned in full form for its second week of blind auditions on March 3. Blake Shelton got off to a slow start last week, but he more than made up for it by claiming his first four-chair-turning singer of the season at the beginning of the episode!

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The first singer to appear on the third night of The Voice‘s blind auditions was Ryan Whyte Maloney, who won the hearts of all four judges with his high-note-hitting rendition of Journey‘s hit song “Lights.” Blake, who tends to be pretty cautious about his picks, fought hard to get Ryan on his team — and he succeeded! Good for him!

Deshawn Washington gave a super soulful rendition of Sam Cooke‘s classic “Twistin’ the Night Away.” Though all of the judges were impressed by his unique sound and song choice, Shakira was the only one to turn around and claim him. Deshawn turned out to be the one that got away for Usher, who said he was really “disappointed” in himself for not turning around because he could tell Deshawn “understands the true essence of what soul is about.” “Guys, get over it, I’m the only smart one,” Shakira teased triumphantly.

Next up was Sam Behymer, who managed to make her own mark on one of the biggest songs of the year — Lorde‘s “Royals.” Adam Levine turned around right away and later called Sam a “breath of fresh air,” praising her unique sound. Usher was also into Sam’s distinctive stylings, but she ended up going with Adam.

Identical twin duo Cody and Clint Walker — aka Brothers Walker — sang a somewhat bland rendition of Zac Brown Band‘s “Keep Me In Mind.” They failed to turn Blake’s chair — he thought they weren’t “country” enough” — but Usher surprised the crowd by swinging around at the last second. It will be interesting to see if Usher can work his magic outside his comfort zone.

One of the biggest stars of the night was Clarissa Sterna, who prompted an elusive four-chair turn with her haunting, original take on The Cranberries‘ “Zombie.” Clarissa definitely made a bold song choice — and her risk paid off! Adam said her deliciously ’90s performance made him nostalgic and it appeared he wasn’t the only one. Each one of the judges wanted Clarissa on their team, but she ultimately decided to go with her “Latina soul sister” Shakira.

Melissa Jimenez gave a stunning bi-lingual performance of Alicia Keys‘ “If I Ain’t Got You” that had Usher and Shakira fighting over her tooth and nail. We thought for sure the gorgeous contestant would go with Shakira when they started chatting in Spanish but Usher managed to woo Melissa away with some serious name-dropping. The Mexican-Greek singer definitely has the total package so that was a big win for Ush!

Patrick Thompson ignited a bromantic battle between Blake and Adam after he knocked it out of the park with his gritty performance of “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band. The coaches were gaga over Patrick’s strong, natural rasp, which Blake said reminded him of “gargling with broken glass.” Not usually a good thing, but OK, Blake. Patrick ultimately decided to go with Adam.

The final four-chair turner of the night was 44-year-old Sisaundra Lewis, who sang Aretha Franklin‘s “Ain’t No Way” with almost as much vocal power as the Queen of Soul herself! There’s no way Sisaundra — who was Celine Dion‘s vocal director on five tours, for Pete’s sake —  wasn’t going to turn all four chairs and sure enough, she did! But Blake had the most persuasive pitch, telling Sisaundra he wanted to help her live up to her true potential as an artist. Blake was the victor in yet another four-chair battle!

HollywoodLifers, who gave your favorite performance of the night? If you were competing on The Voice, whose team would you want to be on? Let us know in the comments below!

— Tierney McAfee

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