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‘Baby Selfie’ Phone App — Should Babies Really Be Taking Selfies?

Fri, February 28, 2014 3:30pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment
Baby Selfie Smartphone App
Courtesy of Twitter

Matthew Pegula built an app that allows his 6-month-old daughter to take selfies of herself. Now, the app is going public. Will you have your baby take it’s own selfies?

A smartphone app that unintentionally teaches your baby to take selfies of themselves. Cute idea for parents or has technology gone too far?

Smartphone App For Baby Selfies

New dad Matthew Pegula needed an excuse to play with Android’s app development software. What better excuse than his own 6-year-old daughter? The original idea for the app included a smile detector and a report sent to parents telling them what their baby liked and didn’t like. For now, Matthew has just released the Baby Selfie app to get his feet wet in the world of app development.

The app is available for phones with front facing cameras and uses rattling sounds, pictures of cute animals, and more to get the baby’s attention. When the baby reaches out to touch the screen, the camera snaps their selfie and saves it to the device.

Developer Says App Is Meant To Be ‘Fun’

Although Matthew has received some flack for the Baby Selfie app, he is adamant that the app is meant for parents to just have some fun. He even admits that he fully expected the “hate/love” reaction the app has gotten from the public so far.

“Hopefully people realise it’s all in good fun and can provide parents with some fun photos,” Matthew explained in an interview with the Washington Post. “I think it’s good because it engages parents and babies with the screen, it’s not really something where you can park your kid in front of it and walk away.”

Matthew also insists that the app was not a “get rich quick” scheme.

We’ve sold enough to buy my daughter a box or two of Pampers so far, so I’m happy with the results of my little weekend project.”

Tell us HollyMoms — Do you think the Baby Selfie app is a cute idea or too much? Let us know!

— Lauren Cox

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