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Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Pregnancy Rant: ‘Making Babies Is Disgusting’

Thu, February 27, 2014 10:07am EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment
Jimmy Kimmel Ellen Degeneres Baby
Courtesy of ABC

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ on Feb. 26 to discuss his wife Molly McNearney’s pregnancy news. During Jimmy’s hilarious interview, the comedian cracked a few jokes about making babies, his kids, and who the real mom is! Watch the interview right here.

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney recently announced they were expecting their first child together, and now the funny man is sharing his take on the news he will be a third-time dad at 46-years-old.

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Making Babies Is ‘Disgusting’

While Jimmy Kimmel was visiting her show for an interview, Ellen Degeneres helped him happily announce that his wife, Molly McNearney, is pregnant! Of course, the comedian could not let the announcement pass without making a few jokes about it.

“I’m having a baby… with Ellen,” Jimmy joked at first. After Ellen clarified that it was actually Molly  who was having the baby, Jimmy shared his thoughts on the process of making babies: “It’s disgusting the way babies are made. There’s so many human body parts involved. Did you know there are eggs in us? That’s gross, just to start with.”

Jimmy Has Baby Names Picked Out Already

Although Jimmy and Molly don’t currently know the sex of their baby, the late night talk show host has some names picked out already. One of them is even inspired by the Kardashian’s!

“I like the name Karate. I think Karate Kimmel has a great ring to it. I like the Kardashian’s with the two K’s thing, it’s nice,” Jimmy explained to Ellen. “Depending on the sex of the baby, either Karate or The Riddler are the names that we are thinking about right now.”

Jimmy also has a hilarious suggestion for middle names that he says will help boost kids self esteem: “For real. I would like the baby’s middle name to be Effin. Think of every friend you have and put that in the middle. […] It’s awesome.”

When Ellen asked if Molly was into Jimmy’s name ideas, he shared that she likes it “now” but he’s hoping she doesn’t change her mind. Watch Jimmy’s super funny interview with Ellen below!

Tell us, HollyMoms — Do you agree with Jimmy? Is making babies a ‘gross’ process?

— Lauren

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