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Aviva Drescher: How To Find A Man To Marry & More

Thu, February 27, 2014 6:10pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments

‘RHONY’ Aviva Drescher’s new advice-packed memoir, ‘Leggy Blonde,’ has just hit bookstores and websites . Now, here’s how to find the man and career of your dreams, she tells you in an exclusive interview with

RHONY Aviva Drescher experienced adversity early — very early. At the age of 6, she lost her foot and ankle after her leg got caught in the steel teeth of an electric barn cleaner. In one moment, a childish game turned into a life-threatening nightmare when she slipped on a metal conveyer belt and her leg was caught in the contraption and almost entirely chewed off.

Aviva Drescher’s New Book ‘Leggy Blonde’ Tells You How To Find A Man To Marry & More

But coping with amputations — which eventually took her leg up to the knee — have been just one huge challenge that the 5’10” Aviva has had to overcome with courage and grace.

Now a familiar face on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York, which she joined in its fifth season, Aviva has confronted and surmounted other adversities: panic attacks, a divorce, and the emotional and then physical loss of her mother to alcoholism.

And it’s the life lessons learned that she passes along to you in Leggy Blonde, starting with her determination to overcome her physical disability.

“I didn’t want to be known as the missing-leg kid. I did everything in my power to fit in with everyone else,” she told me in our Times Square studio in the offices.

Doing everything in her power has led her today into a happy second marriage to  businessman Reid Drescher, four kids, a law degree, a television career and success at raising funds for the One Step Ahead Foundation, which provides prosthetic limbs for people who can’t afford them.

Now here’s her make-sense advice for you:

Aviva Drescher On Why She Became A ‘Housewife’: ‘I’m A Masochist’

How To Find A Lifelong Mate: “When choosing a mate, it’s important to go for depth. We need someone who’s going to be there for your ups and downsMoral fiber is more important than good looks and even good sex, You need to get beyond the superficial. Spend enough time with a partner so that he or she sees you through your lows.”

How To Get The Career You Want: “Have a goal, stay focused, and power through the blows. I had a boring, depressing job once but I had to keep my eyes on the prize. Everyone has to pay their dues. I always say — nothing is beneath me — I will do it all.”

How To Save A Loved One From Addiction: “Losing my mom when I was 21 to alcoholism was like losing a limb. And I lost my mom emotionally long before she died. The alcohol actually affected her brain and gave her a form of dementia. I think to save a person from addiction you have to push them into rock bottom — kick them out of the house, cut off their credit cards. I’m a big believer in tough love to get them to see that they need help.”

Why She Became A Housewife: “I’m a masochist,” she laughs. “Actually, I wanted to help other people going through physical challenges and differences.”

To read more about Aviva’s inspiring life, read her hard-to-put-down memoir Leggy Blonde, on sale now! Click here to purchase on

— Bonnie Fuller

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