‘The Bachelor': Andi Calls Juan Pablo ‘An A–Hole’ After Spending The Night

Tue, February 25, 2014 10:06pm EST by 49 Comments

Isn’t JP supposed to be the one sending the ladies home? We’re starting to get the feeling that if they could, the final three would have just sent him home so they could have a girls’ weekend in St. Lucia.

Apparently you don’t know someone until you spend the night with them! After their first full camera-free night with Juan Pablo in The Bachelor fantasy suites, Andi Dorfman realized that he was the last thing she wanted — and she couldn’t wait to get away from him!

Fantasy Suite Dates: Girls Drop The L-Bomb & Sleep Over

Clare, Nikki and Andi all got to spend the full day and night with Juan Pablo in St. Lucia, and it quickly heated up… but not in the best way.

Clare was the first date (which seems like she was definitely lucky!), and they spent the day like any other — making out on a yacht. When the night came, she had reservations about spending the night since he got all Juan Pablo-y after their Vietnam rendezvous. We get it, girl, but come on — the fantasy suite is the one time you’re alone together without cameras. It would be so lame to not go. Of course, they decided to and started the night with a steamy hot tub make out before the cameras cut away. Oh, and she dropped the L-bomb and made JP sweat.

Next up was Andi. She was feeling super comfortable with Juan Pablo and they headed into a waterfall in the middle of a jungle. We’ve got to say her body is extremely impressive and they looked super hot . . . and freezing under that water. Later on, he shared his concerns about a comment she had said earlier and she was just happy he had been listening to her — HILARIOUS. I was hoping Andi would leave him in the woods alone, but of course she took the key and they spent the night together.

Last but definitely not luckiest (talk about sloppy thirds) was Nikki. She came out in quite the outfit — a bikini top and Woodstock-fitting pants to go horseback riding. Of course, it was a good thing that she wore pants and not a skirt — of course JP said it’d be ok if she were just in a thong . . . gross, JuanPab. Gross. Well, the bikini came in handy as they had a swim in the ocean after the horseback ride, then headed back to the suite.

Andi Puts Juan Pablo In His Place

Each of the girls filmed a video for Juan Pablo to watch and while Nikki and Clare’s were sweet (we get it, it’s such a glorious journey you’re on), it was Andi’s that caught our attention — she told him she wanted to talk in person.

Why Andy Was Right For Calling Out Juan Pablo

Hats off to the editors of The Bachelor — after the night, Juan Pablo told the cameras how well it all went, and that she could be the one . . . and Andi told the cameras there was no way in hell that he could have thought it went well. She basically said he talked all about himself, he NAME dropped, and he talked about his previous overnight date with Clare! Andi completely bashed him, calling him offensive and thinks that he treated her wrong.

“Its extremely important for me to be with a guy who loves me more than he loves himself,” she told the cameras. Well, yeah. She also said she just wanted it all to be over. So, she told Juan Pablo right off the bat that she woke up and realized that she’s not in love with him and that she won’t be. He said “it’s ok,” which pissed her off.

Andi To Juan Pablo: There’s A Difference Between Being Honest & Being An A–hole

He told her he respected her and was appreciative that she was honest, but Andi wanted to tell him. “I want to die if I hear ‘it’s okay’ again,” she actually said. I couldn’t hear the TV over my laughter and was beyond impressed with her. So, he just changed it to “it’s fine.”

She then went off on him about the fact that he brought up Clare on the date and that he had told her she had made it there by “default” after Sharlene eliminated herself. He insisted he had never said that because he didn’t even know that word — he told her that he actually said “you barely made it.” Oh, much better.

Juan Pablo continued to dig himself a hole and she was o-v-e-r it. She even told him that there was a big difference between being honest and being an “a–hole.” After the argument, she got in the van and he said that the argument made him realize she wasn’t the one. Well, obviously.

While she did cry after she left, she actually laughed. “He doesn’t see it, it’s not a language barrier,” Andi said in the cab home. She was ready to go. She ultimately told him that she wasn’t in love — and that she was out. (Later, Andi mocked his accent on Instagram!)

Good for her! So, it’s down to Nikki and Clare. Of course at the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo told both girls to be honest and only take a rose if they were sure — and they both did.

Do you think Andi was too tough on Juan Pablo? Let us know, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta

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Posted at 11:20 PM on June 23, 2014  

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Posted at 6:37 PM on February 27, 2014  

I think JP is finished…… these girl would be smart if they all run from him!!! They should all look for love somewhere els…. just saying

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Posted at 5:45 PM on February 27, 2014  

Let us not forget every time Juan Pablo said “O K”…. Andi puts a ‘like’ before, during & after every sentence. This IS annoying also.

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Posted at 4:54 PM on February 27, 2014  

He is the preverbal DUMB BLOND. What a JERK!
He actually turns me off the way he is always touching the ladies faces. Yuk!!!

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Posted at 3:26 AM on February 27, 2014  

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Posted at 2:10 AM on February 27, 2014  

Juan is the type of man who comes and goes as a father. He has been in and out of his daughter’s life and has had his pay garnished for failure to pay child support. This has already been proven. He was also supposedly unfaithful to the mother of his child who is a part-time actress in Spanish language soap operas but she hasn’t worked since they had little Camilla because she cannot count on him to look after her while she goes to film. She’s basically a single mom and he just comes and goes as he sees fit.

I’m sorry to say this but a lot of Latin men are this way. It’s extremely common for Hispanic families to be single parent households with only the mom and no father. He’s very selfish, irresponsible and self-centered. Not to mention an ugly cliché of his culture.

And this is all coming from someone who LOOOOOVES blond men with light eyes AND soccer players. But even I can realize he’s a loser.

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Posted at 9:44 PM on February 26, 2014  

andi was a total b*****. i love the bachelor series and would consider boycotting it if she was on it. if she had a problem with him she should have communicated at the time and not call him for not being a mind-reader….hello that is how healthy relationships work!

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Posted at 9:45 PM on February 26, 2014  

(not call him an a-hole)

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Posted at 7:58 PM on February 26, 2014  

I love Andi for finally realizing what a self-centered and shallow guy JP is. I’ve noticed it from the very first episode. He thinks he is the greatest thing on Earth and appears to me to only be interested in the girls looks and could care less about them personally. Honestly, he seems like the type of guy who would cheat on his girlfriend or wife. I don’t know what any of them see in him. Everytime they try to speak about serious topics his response is always “Mhmm” while he rubs their face and plays with their hair, as if he isn’t paying any attention to what they are saying and just wants them to shut up and make out with him. And I see why Andi is annoyed by him saying “it’s okay” when she is saying she is leaving. If he really cared a drop about her it wouldn’t be “okay” for her to just walk away. He didn’t care about her and I can tell he doesn’t care about the other girls. If he picks Clare or Nikki, I don’t see that lasting long AT ALL. He has no emotions or real feelings for these girls past his physical attraction to them. I’m sick of hearing him say “ey, ey, ey, they are so sexy”. I don’t get how anyone could like him. Can’t wait for this season to be over and get to the next season of the Bachelorette. I hope it’s Andi, and if not, Renee.

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Posted at 8:44 PM on February 26, 2014  

Juan Pablo seems to be selfish!!! rude and an opportunist!!!!!Andi is not good either and I see her as a bit racist(mocking his accent was racist)….I hope she is not the next bachelorette.

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NikkiLee Bertonifor

Posted at 5:26 PM on February 26, 2014  

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Posted at 5:25 PM on February 26, 2014  

First of all, i think Andi’s Dad Is a big a$$hole, and his daughter turned out to be the same. I think that when some women are given the opportunity to be bi*ches, they take it, and run with it.She probably just wanted to mouth off on television, knowing all of the attention she would get afterwards. It worked, and it always does. I also honestly think that Juan P is a genuine and nice guy. Maybe Andi could tell that he has more of a connection with the other women, so she is a bit jealous. Even Renee, who is a very nice person herself, said that Juan is a great guy and that its nice to know that good guys like him still exist. Oh, and if she is the next bachelorette, then i feel sorry for those guys on the show with her, because they will have to deal with her dad who thinks his daughter is miss perfect, and no one is going to be “good” enough.

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Posted at 1:57 AM on February 27, 2014  

Jayda: You’re an idiot. How exactly is Juan a nice man when he cheated on his ex (the mother of his little girl) and failed to pay child support so they had to take it out of his paycheck?! Men that need their paychecks garnished are usually NOT “good guys”.

I’m sure he loves his daughter but he strikes me as being very immature and irresponsible as a father. And as a boyfriend, he’s disloyal and shallow. Not to mention an airhead who doesn’t give a hoot about real world issues or interesting conversation. He might be good looking but this is guy is a lowlife and not a catch at all. The girls on that show who like him are complete airheads who are thinking with their girl parts rather than their brains.

He’s also one of the most annoying men in Bachelor history with his AY AY AYS and Mmmmmms and heavy obsessive grooming (why does he always have to touch the women’s hair or eyebrows?). LOL

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Posted at 2:31 AM on February 27, 2014  

That was a long time ago and he is currently taking care of her financially. And I came off like Queen Biatch. Juan tried to make her feel better by telling her that it was okay that she did have feelings for him. He couldn’t force her. How is that being a jerk? It’s like she wanted to just argue with him and she had absolutely no point to make. He shouldn’t have mentioned hus overnight with Clare but he didn’t do it to be mean. Maybe he isn’t as sensitive as she’d like but she was beating him for it and ripping him apart for not being showing her that he was broken hearted that she didn’t have feelings for him. He was being understanding and she just wanted to argue…..ugh lawyers. I would NOT watch it if she was the next bachelorette. She’s the A-HOLE.

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