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Father Of Baby Cut Out Of Murdered Woman’s Womb Speaks Out

Wed, February 19, 2014 6:30pm EDT by Lauren Cox 4 Comments
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On Feb. 12 Julie Corey was found guilty of murdering her friend Darlene Hayes and then cutting her unborn baby out of her womb. On Feb.  18 Julie was sentenced to life in prison. Now, the baby’s biological father is finally speaking out after allegations he may have been involved in the murderous act.

Roberto Rodriguez wants the world to know that he had nothing to do with the murder of his pregnant estranged girlfriend, Darlene Hayes. After being accused in court of being involved in Julie Corey‘s plan to murder Darlene and steal her baby, Roberto speaks out about his abusive relationship with Darlene and how he does not plan on telling their daughter about how she was born.

Father Breaks His Silence After Girlfriend’s Gruesome Murder

It has been five years since 29-year-old Roberto’s eight month pregnant ex-girlfriend Darlene was horrifically murdered in her own apartment by her own friend, Julie Corey. On Feb. 18 Darlene’s friends and family finally received some closure when Julie was sentenced to life in prison. Now that the trial has ended, Roberto has finally opened up about originally being named a suspect in the case, and later having to discuss his abusive past with Darlene on the stand for the world to hear.

Julie Corey's Murder Trial Coninues

“We’ve waited five years for this, five years for justice. I’ve had my name dragged through the mud,” Roberto told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview. “I’ll always be known as some scumbag but I don’t care now, I don’t care about my name I’m just happy this is over and that the person who did this has got what they deserve.”

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Roberto Plans To Tell His Daughter How She Was Born

After murdering Darlene by hitting her in the head and strangling her with an electrical cord, Julie then cut her unborn baby out of her stomach before hiding Darlene’s body in a closet where she was found several days later. Julie, who had suffered a miscarriage three months prior to the murder, kidnapped the baby and tried to pass it off as her own before being caught by police in a homeless shelter over 100 miles away.

The baby girl, now 5, is currently in the custody of Roberto and his wife, Ana Cruz. Roberto reveals that he might have to tell his daughter the truth about how she was born one day.

“My daughter didn’t ask for this but she’ll have to live with it. We will tell her in time. But right now I’m done with this. I’m just done. We want to move on that people let us do that.”

— Lauren Cox

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