Kristen Stewart Sent Robert Pattinson Sweet Valentine’s Day Selfies

Fri, February 14, 2014 5:12pm EST by 729 Comments
Kristen Stewart Valentines Day Selfies

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Posted at 10:21 PM on January 29, 2015  

I like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

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Life goes on

Posted at 5:46 PM on April 1, 2014  

Rob looked fantastic filming last night at the Pantages Theater. This movie is going to be so good! The filming is getting a lot of coverage in US Weekly, People, etc.

Some tweets from last night:

Everything looked so great, Rob included. Between takes he would joke around with some of the extras, drink water, make funny/cute faces & just being his gorgeous self.

The whole time he was chatting with the extras next to him. He’s just so unaffected by his fame.

Between takes Rob occasionally went to the watch the playback. I think he’s going to be a filmmaker someday. He takes his craft seriously.

I was laughing because people thought it was a remake of A Star is Born! Others thought Dane DeHaan was Leo DiCaprio.

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2014 is Rob's Year

Posted at 5:45 PM on April 1, 2014  

Robert Pattinson found himself on the opposite side of the red carpet on Monday when he shot a paparazzi scene for his newest film, Life, in Toronto. The actor was seen joking around with his fellow faux photographers while waiting behind a velvet rope to take pictures of other actors on the set.

There’s a good reason for Rob’s being behind the camera, as he plays Dennis Stock, a real-life photographer who is on a quest to take a snap of James Dean (played by Dane DeHaan) for Life magazine.

Rob has been working on the film for the past six weeks and recently made for a picture-worthy snap when he and Dane filmed a motorcycle scene several weeks ago. Robert is currently preparing for the release of another film, The Rover, which is slated to hit US theaters on June 13.

Meanwhile, he also has the highly anticipated Maps to the Stars release to prepare for, and both films are sure fire predictions to be in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in mid-May.

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Life goes on

Posted at 5:47 PM on April 1, 2014  

New pics of Rob Sunday night, at work. And a fan who was staying at the Chateau tweeted about him walking right past her room, she was so excited to see him in person. She said he looked better than he does in pictures or movies.

They filmed at the Chateau Marmont last night for Rob’s film, Life. And of course both he and Dane are there. The film is very detail oriented, and they’re getting things historically correct.

James Dean stayed at the Chateau, as many movie stars have over the years. This is going to be such a good movie, I can’t wait to see it.

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From someone who knows Rob

Posted at 5:48 PM on April 1, 2014  

Rob is well thought of by everyone who knows him

“He’s terrific. He deserves the affection that the fans have for him. He’s incredibly sweet, he’s very funny, he’s very bright and he’s also very knowledgeable about cinema. Not just movies but the history of cinema. He knows a lot about it.

He’s just a sweetheart. And he’s totally professional. He’s always right there. We had a lot of fun shooting [the movie] because, as I say, he has a great sense of humor. We just played a lot. I think that’s a really great tone that’s set for everybody on the set. The lead actor has a really big influence on the tone of the shoot. If you’ve got a guy who’s very difficult and neurotic or whatever, they can’t help but affect everybody’s day.

But Rob is not like that. He’s just a ray of sunshine. In fact, he’s in absolutely every scene of the movie, so obviously his temperament would have a huge influence on how the shoot went … and it was a dream. It was a beautiful shoot.”

David Cronenberg

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Rob is a winner

Posted at 5:49 PM on April 1, 2014  

“He’s great. And oh my God, so handsome!

What surprised me was his dedication. He would film all weekend long, then spend the week on the Twilight [set], then another weekend filming, then more Twilight…

And he still had that lightness, humility. He’s very grateful for everything he’s been living.” — Reese Witherspoon talking about Rob

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Rob is a winner

Posted at 5:50 PM on April 1, 2014  

Everyone who’s ever met Rob uses the same word to describe him: “Sweet.” He has a kind and gentle nature, that’s who he is. He’s loyal, trustworthy and genuine, not a fake poser.

“What interests me about him is his person. Robert is a lovely boy, so sweet, he loves playing guitar. Music is his natural element, probably more than cinema.”

~ Nan Goldin, Dior campaign photographer

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From someone who knows Rob

Posted at 5:52 PM on April 1, 2014  

“He’s a very sweet young man. And I was concerned because I was thinking, ‘well, he’s just a young man, he’s a movie star, why would he want to learn any Polish, he will probably be very difficult to work with.’ So I prepared myself for that. But no, quite the opposite; he was very sweet and very attentive.

He really wanted to learn and was paying attention to details. It was very important to him that he pronounced everything correctly. He asked me a lot of questions and he really worked hard. I was very surprised. And of course, he’s absolutely gorgeous. He’s so beautiful it hurts.”

— ALEKSANDRA KANIAK (Actress WFE and dialect coach)

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KStew PR Team Does Nothing But LIE

Posted at 5:58 PM on April 1, 2014  

No, you’re just a delusional fan. She made a string of indie bombs that no one saw, there was no prestige or popularity in that. Nothing phenomenal about it.

She’s proved she can’t attract an audience on her own (OTR, TR, WTTR, and TYH were all released after she got famous from Twilight, and they still all flopped. They couldn’t even make baack their production budget).

She got the worst reviews of her life for SWATH and had nothing lined up, has been out of work for 18 months, and isn’t being offered good roles, respected directors don’t want to work with her.

Her competition is getting all the good scripts. JenLaw, the Emmas, Haliee S., Mia W. and Saiorise R. all have 5 or 6 films in the pipeline. Kristen has a low budget foot fetish flick with a no name director. She took that because she isn’t being offered anything else. If she was, she wouldn’t do a movie that will go straight to DVD. Her career is in the toilet and no one is coming to her rescue this time. And the Camp xray is just a rumor, it hasn’t been confirmed.

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How I see it.

Posted at 12:56 AM on March 30, 2014  

One the stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person with program as work. Vulgar comments about her parents, vulgar comments about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart . It is frightening way. USweekly and DMail, E and other media, kyber stalker loser girl is really everywhere with vulgar comments against Stewart. Your hatred is quite obvious and deliberately you attack young actress Stewart. On the contrary, you are always ready to defend the 28 years old guy, who hides behind a privacy and his mother. Wow!
He is a coward guy to show, that is dating a girl or friend. Neither daughter pen or perry or woodword not see beside him. He is so afraid of negative comments, which faces daily Stewart. He’s a total cra.ppy guy and his character is zero.
He is hiding himself under the skirt mother and his PR team. Nick and Stefanie are hard work for his.

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Stalker has collapse,

Posted at 11:25 PM on March 27, 2014  

that your predictions, that patts not in LA are somehow outside. They are both now in LA, doing of you completely mad, huh?

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stalker girl is hard at work

Posted at 1:13 AM on March 24, 2014  

24/7 constantly aggressive comments from the one person is definitely a serious her brain disorder. You do nothing but attack and humiliate the young actress Stewart? What is the purpose? I ask, what are you doing here and why are you commenting Stewart ? @From someone who knows Rob, What normal people think, kristen drinks, too, She trashed herself, Bisexuality, look it up, Cheating IS Aggression, you dolt, Just stop lying about Rob, Her fans need to let Rob go,Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN…,Trampires, PopDust, Unfaithful Brat, Her fans are ungratful LIARS, He doesn’t want her and other and other vulgar comments your without rest and without stopping churn out every article on Stewart and elsewhere!
One reason we see everybody. you’re watching Stewart , looking all about her and your obsession and hatred is apparent for all.. Why the hatred and abuse and bullying ? Your behavior is irrelevant and disgusting.. Your hatred is quite obvious and deliberately you attack Stewart.
Kyber stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person, vulgarity about her parents, vulgarity about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart . It is frightening way. USweekly and DMail, E and other media, kyber stalker loser girl is really everywhere with vulgar comments against Stewart.

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They need to move on

Posted at 2:42 AM on March 21, 2014  

So counting the days when her LOSER fans will leave Rob alone and when their intense jealousy and envy of him will finally die and switch to anger and disappointment to their cheater queen for failing their hopeless fantasies.

Move on grannies and go find a hot place somewhere to sunbathe your already pruned and unused vaginas

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Kriste Stewart is a beautiful and wonderful.

Posted at 11:25 PM on March 20, 2014  

Really waiting, when again are you coming to help the 28-year-old man, who with his conscience to satisfied reading your comments here. (you have his consent?)
You forgot to say he is seen with the most talented people he works with most of the most respected ……. he does not want to be in the same room as her,street, city, country, continent, and it is his plan, hmmm, those repeating it like a mantra.
He let her dogs because you think dogs are meaningless.
Somehow I can not manage behavior pattinson in all this confusion here .
A vulgar comment prosecutes another , all in order to tarnish Kristen and introduce Mr. pattinson as a star , god , superman.
No one can deny that his last months in LA was the catastrophic behavior. It’s good that he could leave LA. Bieber’s style would destroy him.
Little bit good answers in interviews and his PR in the media, we are witnessing on every article Kristen, when they again use the name of the woman Stewart that he looked better., The behavior of swine. What can I say, everyone understands what is happening here. I just do not understand silent Kristen team and allow such dirt.

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Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE DRUNKEN CHEATER

Posted at 4:19 PM on March 20, 2014  

It is horrible the way a few horrid Kristen fans continue to lie about Rob. After the way he’s kept quiet about her cheating scandal, and the way he stood by her during the BD2 promo.

He could have made her life miserable, the way she made his. But he’s more than a decent man. He’s kind and generous. He proved that by making things easy for her, and trying to help salvage what was left of her career when she exposed herself as a liar and homewrecker.

But even he has a breaking point, and god knows what else she did that the public never found out about.

I think the Rupert/valet incident was the last straw. It made him see that the public thinks she can’t be trusted any time he’s out of LA, And what man would want to live with that kind of a shady situation?

I hope one day her fans can stop lying about him. They need to learn that no matter how they try to trash him, everyone knows better and it just makes them look like the haters they are.

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Posted at 2:01 PM on March 20, 2014  

Newsflash: This is where she was between Nashville and NY:

A wild girls-only outing in Palm Springs on the weekend of February 23rd, suggests just that—and Popdust has the exclusive details.

The Twilight beauty road-tripped to the dessert and checked into Korakia Pensione with her close gal pal and rumored girlfriend, Alicia Cargile—and another mystery babe.

Upon arriving the girls ordered in a sumptuous feast from Le Vallauris and noshed in the privacy of their suite.

Around 8PM the tipsily trifecta emerged from their room with a bottle of champagne and lounged around the pool side.

K Stew played DJ, firing up to dance grooves on her i-phone, and by the time the bottle was half way gone, a dance party was in full effect.

Alicia took K-Stew by the hand and started dirty dancing with her.

“She put her arms around Kristen’s neck and Kristen put her hands on her waist,” an eyewitness tells Popdust.

“After about 30 seconds, Kristen started laughing, kissed Alicia right on the lips then rested her head on Alicia’s chest and hugged her tight. It was totally hot!”

Before long the entire bottle was polished off and the ladies returned to the privacy of their room.

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Bisexuality, look it up

Posted at 3:34 PM on March 20, 2014  

They aren’t gay rumors, she’s bisexual, she goes both ways. So do Anna Pacquin and Evan Rachael Woods, and there both honest about it.

It’s hysterical how far into denial you stans are. She’s wearing Alicia’s clothes and jewelry. Pics don’t lie. These are facts. They have matching tatts, they spent ALL the holidays together last year, they share their cars, KStew went to Alicia’s office Xmas party. Who does that if you’re not a couple?

Get your head out of the sand and deal with reality.

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Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE DRUNKEN CHEATER

Posted at 3:54 PM on March 20, 2014  

Rant away be a good fan and defend her, BUT get the facts right.

She did NOT just kiss a married man.

She had an AFFAIR with a married man, BIG difference.

She befriended his wife and children .

She flirted with him on the red carpet in London with his wife only a ahort distance away. She couldn’t keep her hands off of him on the OZ red carpet.

She visited their home and and ate a meal there.

She met up with him at the side of a road not very far from his home to indulge in yes a kiss a cuddle some butt grinding and what was possibly oral sex in her car.

Remember her team would have probably paid out a huge amount if money to keep some pics fomm appearing so there was probably a lot more to see

And of course she lied to Rob about where she was going and since Liberty stated it was an affair it was not the first time she had lied to him or returned to share his bed after sleeping with the director. Hope Rob got a real good health check! UGH

And yet shippers still expected him to take her back!

Yes so support her all you want, that just simply tells me you think homewrecking is OK but don’t delude yourself. The facts speak for themselves. She wanted it all.

Cheap thrills with a married man and a swath sequel in the bag and a super hot super popular boyfriend to dangle in public in order to ensure her popularity and celebrity status. And who knows we only found out about Rupert I wonder how many more!

So she can make as many films as she likes. I don’t have a problem with that. But she is and will remain NOTORiOuS and there’s nothing you can do about that.

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much aggression of fan patts

Posted at 12:15 AM on March 19, 2014  

And, RPattz is so proud of his team. Rpattz is so proud of his fans who do nothing but lie about the woman, who stood by his after he was exposed as a dependent and untrustworthy man. The man who made her life hell because he went out in August and and he did not say to her defense a word. All whatever has fallen out from his the lying mouth was to begging about buying tickets to his film Cosmo. He acted as a self-centered jerk with his giggle and eat ice cream. It was later published and documented that he spent two nights having sex with a waitress who confirmed it.
The man who made BD2 promo only to get his money. His fans are so ungrateful, they don’t realize that she could have refused to be seen with him at all. She could have refused to do any interviews with him, and could have refused to be on the same red carpet with him.
He had no right to do those things, to make her life difficult, as he has done.
But his ungrateful fans don’t appreciate anything. They’re just like their aggressive idol, with his sense of entitlement and ingratitude.
The rest of us, thanks to its pr now know what he is. He is unlucky to have fans here who write lie after lie about a woman who never did anything wrong.
Very interesting the nature, character are these cheap American girls. I would hope RPatts would be ashamed of the lies his fans tell.

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Posted at 12:04 AM on March 19, 2014  

You’re one sick PR for pattinson and with your offensive comments against Stewart, can not stop thinking of ordinary people who see what is going on all website on line. Targeted attack on a young woman is inexcusable in any form It is a cowardly way.
There is no need to spread lies pattinson fan about young woman Krist Stewart. Pattinson fan girl is obsessed with Stewart, she’s on every article spew hatred and lies about Kristen.
You just can’t handle the truth. Eyes are still on Kristen because of that she is very smart and a modest and talented young woman. Kristen´s a free woman. There is no excuse for you and your obsession with attacking a young movie star. Kristen’s icon, and muse for many people. Usually without the presence of the cameras or watching, she stays on the ground and sheś support of her friends and family. Kriste Stewart is sincere and honest person.

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Posted at 6:05 AM on March 16, 2014  

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