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Jealous Man Punishes Ex-Wife By Squeezing Daughter, 2, To Death

Fri, February 14, 2014 3:44pm EDT by Lauren Cox 4 Comments
Courtesy of Facebook

A Washington man has been charged with murder for squeezing his 2-year-old to death. After killing Daveena, his little girl, Salvador Sanchez-Orozco called 9-1-1 and attempted to commit suicide. On Feb. 13, Salvador pleaded not guilty to killing his own daughter.

Salvador Sanchez-Orozco, 26, killed his unsuspecting 2-year-old daughter Daveena by squeezing her until she stopped breathing, reports the UK’s Daily Mail. Now, Salvador claims he did it to punish his ex-wife, Faye, after showing up at her apartment unexpectedly on Feb. 11 and finding another man there. The next day he showed up unexpectedly again to pick up Daveena, and was allowed to do so because the family did not see him as a threat to the little girl. How tragic.

Jealous Ex-Husband Squeezes 2-Year-Old Girl To Death

After finding his ex-wife Faye with another man on Feb. 11, Salvador thought up a plan to pick up his daughter the following day and kill her as a punishment. Faye was unphased that he wanted to spend time with Daveena on a day that was scheduled for visitation, but she had no problem allowing it since she believed there was no reason to be concerned for their daughter’s safety. Neighbors later told police that Salvador was visibly upset when he returned home with his daughter, and it was only two hours later that he called 911 to report he had killed his own daughter and was now going to kill himself. The police arrived to find Salvador covered in blood with a dog leash wrapped around his neck. They made a gruesome discovery when they found little Daveena’s lifeless body in the bedroom.

Prosecutors are also claiming that Salvador’s motive included Facebook messages from Faye that he did not approve of.

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Man Murders 2-Year-Old Daughter

Salvador Sanchez Orozco — A Troubled Past

Faye might have trusted Salvador with Daveena’s life, but there were certainly some red flags on his behalf since they separated in Jan. 2014.

Shortly after they parted ways, Faye called 911 to report that her estranged husband had tried to hang himself. Police had Salvador involuntarily committed for just one day before he was released again. Though Salvador did not have a history of violence, family members claim that he often spoke of taking Daveena with him to his home country, Mexico.

Salvador is originally from Mexico and is currently on Immigration Hold. However, if he is released, he faces the possibility of deportation.

— Lauren Cox

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