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Woman Found Guilty Of Murder After Cutting Friend’s Fetus Out Of Womb

Thu, February 13, 2014 1:02pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments
Julie Corey Guilty
AP/Courtesy Photo

Julie Corey faces life in prison without parole for murdering her pregnant friend and cutting her baby out of the womb, then passing the baby off as her own. Julie had an emotional breakdown in the courtroom Feb. 12, after hearing the guilty verdict read.

This story is both bizarre and tragic. Julie Corey, 39, has been found guilty of murder after killing her eight-month-pregnant friend, Darlene Hayes, 23. The story doesn’t end there — Julie then cut Darlene’s unborn baby out of her womb and told friends and family the infant girl was her own. Now, Julie faces life in prison without parole for her heinous crime.

Julie Corey Murdered Pregnant Darlene Hayes, Then Cut Her Baby Out

On July 27, 2009, Julie beat her pregnant friend Darlene in the head and then strangled her with an electrical cord. Once Darlene was dead, Julie cut open her abdomen to remove her fetus, a baby girl. Darlene was found inside a closet in her apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts several days later, while Julie was busy introducing the baby girl to her friends and family claiming it as her own. Julie was later found with her then boyfriend Alex Dion and the baby at a homeless shelter in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

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Relatives & Friends Were Suspicious Of Julie’s Baby

Though Julie did not take the stand in court, her ex Alex testified against her. Alex told the courtroom that Julie told him she was pregnant with his child in Oct. 2008. On July 27 the following year she called to tell him she was going to visit Darlene, and later called to say that her water broke and she was headed to hospital. The next morning, Julie came home with a baby girl she claimed as her own.

Friends and family were instantly suspicious of Julie after she told them she was only in labor for twenty minutes and that the hospital allowed her to bring the baby home just five hours after she was born, according to The Daily Mail‘s report.

Julie was found guilty on Feb. 12 after a trial by jury.

— Lauren Cox