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‘Timeflies’ Talks New Album, ‘All The Way,’ & Justin Bieber

Fri, January 24, 2014 3:52pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Timeflies just released their latest hit, ‘All the Way’ and we’re already completely obsessed! So, sat down with the duo and Cal and Rez shared just how they got where they are today — and what they think about other artists out there.

Producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro started Timeflies around 2010 — but that’s not a hard date. It could have been, but they decided on it at a party in college. Together, they create a sound that has opened for Ludcris, covered Taylor Swift and has a thing or two to say about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Read our whole interview below, and listen to their new hit, “All the Way.”

HollywoodLife: How did you start it?
Cal of Timeflies: We were at a party when we in college, I was a little bit drunk and free-styling and Rez started beat-boxing, he actually had a ’60s funk band at the time so he asked me t come down and start messing around with them, and we actually won a couple of competitions, got to open  for Ludacris with our funk band. From there, Rez has always been a great producer, so we just started working together and it kind of just happens.

HL: You just released ‘All the Way’ – tell me about it!
Timeflies: The skateboarder came to the video shoot, and he showed us his cracked helmet right after the video ended. he wiped out down the hill and like cracked his head open, so that guy was really doin’ it! We worked with a couple other guys, and we all wrote it together. We had never worked with any other guys before this album. But then the minute we got in the room with other people because there’s so many talented people out there and even if you don’t get anything out of the session, you learn a lot form a writing standpoint and a production standpoint. We had done “I Chose You” which has a love feel, but for this one, even though we do talk about love in it and meeting a girl, this is just the idea of doing things all the way — that’s kind of what we wanted to do more — don’t half-ass.

HL: You do mashups, like of Taylor Swift and we’re obsessed.
Timeflies: Taylor Swift week, we needed a new acoustic guitar to go on tour with and we went to the store and were trying a bunch of guitars. We got this nice Taylor guitar, and we were joking around saying we have to do a Timeflies Tuesday and we’re like, ‘Taylor, why don’t we do a Taylor Swift mashup?’ We’re both big Taylor Swift fans!

HL: So what genre music do you listen to normally, besides Taylor?
Timeflies: We’re all over it all. We’ll jump around, we just wnat to hear whats going on. we’re big fans of pop. You kno, Talyor Swift, “Trouble” was very very light but had some dub-step influence and i think alot of the hip hop coming out right now is hugely influenced by Trapt. I don’t really know that there’s a thing we really listen to. All the stuff thats hitting radio now, was ht stuff that we were on the blogs with three years ago.

HL: Are you done with your next album?
Timeflies: We’re in theory finished.  At the same time, since we’re not going to release it for another month or two and we’re in the studio, if we write a song that we’re really really excited about, why not add it? It’s never finished until it’s out. We’re excited about it. It should be out around early April.

HL: What can we expect from the sound of this new album?
Timeflies: You’re going to have your different genres. We’re going to have everything covered; it’s still Timeflies. But we’ve both have gotten a lot better! Literally, the mic used to be in his bedroom, now we’re in the studio, using actual instruments. Every record feels like a bigger thing that we’ve ever done. Everything just sounds 100 times more polished.

HL: Who else have you collaborated with on the album?
Timeflies: About 30% of the album is co-produced. About 30-40% we did co-writes. We had Mike Posner write a song, Martin Johnson, who is the singer of Boys Like Girls, we wrote a song with Brian Lee, who wrote “Good Time” and we actually have a song coming out with Fabulous on the bridge. My favorite song, and arguable the best song on the album, we heard a girl from London singing over an acoustic guitar, and we wanted her to come record al her vocals and record our version of the song around her vocals. This girl is amazing. The minute you turn on the record, it blows you away.

HL: So who are dream collaborations for you guys?
Timeflies: We’ve always wanted to collaborate with someone who just kills it, some female vocals, like RihannaBeyonce, Ellie Goulding, anyone I like that. Or a bunch of different hip hop artists. I think Big Sean, his voice is amazing. Ludacris‘ voice is amazing. Nicki Minaj would be incredible. I woul dlove to work with Trent Reznor. From a production standpoint, we’ve worked with a lot of the big pop producers. Granted a Max Martin or a Dr. Luke or a Benny Blanco would be really exciting. Also, what’s happening nwo in the music scene, I would love to work with Cascade or Porter Robinson or any of those big house guys. But I’d also love to work with a bluegrass band. Get some banjo in our lives. We always joke we really want to work with Hans Zimmer. As much as we’re kind of kidding, we’re not really kidding, that would be so sick!

Lightning Round: Each of the guys answered the first thing that came to mind for each of these.

Best Food: Kabashi (both) And Korean barbecue 
Justin Bieber
 (the interview was pre-arrest): Selena Gomez, Lil Za
Love: “I Choose You”
Whiskey: Dance, we did something called the “Whiskey Dance!”
All The Way: Smash, Face-Melter. Just go big or go home!

— Emily Longeretta