‘Workaholics’ Season 4: ‘Numbskulls,’ Nudity & More To Expect In 2014

The boys are back! Find out what's coming up for Comedy Central's hardest-working slackers. HollywoodLife.com's collective life improved three-fold Jan. 22 with the return of Comedy Central's Workaholics, and with it, the return of our three favorite idiots: Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and the man with the most gorgeous head of hair on American television, Blake Anderson.

Workaholics Season 4
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‘Workaholics’ Season 4: The Guys Promise More Nudity To Come

During a recent appearance on Conan, the boys joked — or not, I can’t even tell when they’re joking anymore — about upping the nudity this season.

“We want to be the male Lena Dunhams,” Adam said. “I think that’s what we’re going for. If Comedy Central was HBO, we would just be penis-out all day long, but they won’t [let us.] It adds a little something.”

“It adds a layer, for sure … not having our wieners out all the time,” Blake explained.

“But that’s what you get when you get most of your ideas from porn websites,” Adam said.

“To be fair, there are about four episodes coming up in the season that are completely just about the male genetalia,” Blake added. “So, stay tuned!”

‘Workaholics’ Won’t Stray From What Works In Season 4

But fear not, Workaholics faithful; though the fourth season promises to introduce some of the most insane episodes yet, some things about the stoner comedy will never change.

“We really are in touch with our fans, and I think a lot of our fans just want to see the guys drinking and smoking and being numbskulls at work and what not,” the show’s co-creator Kyle Newacheck tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Thank. God.

HollywoodLifers, are you into Workaholics? Drop a comment with your hopes for the fourth season below!

— Andy Swift

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