Beautiful Young Woman Kim Pham Beaten To Death Outside Nightclub

So tragic. Kim Pham, a beautiful 23-year-old university grad and inspirational blogger, was taken off life support and pronounced dead on Jan. 21 after being severely beaten outside of a nightclub three days prior. Kim Pham, 23, lost her life on Jan. 21 after a group of men and women savagely beat her outside of a popular nightclub called Crosby in Santa Ana, Calif. on Jan. 18. She was declared brain dead shortly after the horrific attack, which was caught on video by onlookers.

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Kim Pham Beaten To Death
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Kim Pham Dies From Brutal Night Club Attack

Unbelievable. Los Angeles Times confirms that one young woman has been arrested in connection with the attack on Kim Pham, while the police continue to seek up to four more attackers. Shockingly, the fight reportedly began over an accidental photobomb — Kim unintentionally walked by a group that was posing for a photo, and lost her life because of it.

Kim Pham Beaten To Death

The argument broke out after the alleged photobomb, and Kim was repeatedly hit and stomped by her attackers. An eight-second video of the incident depicts one person kicking at what appears to be Kim on the ground, as a crowd of spectators gathers. By the time police arrived, she was already unconscious. 

Kim Pham: ‘Fear Should Not Paralyze Us From Living’

Before her tragic death on Jan. 21, Kim was an aspiring writer and talk show host who wrote a beautiful, inspirational blog on Elite Daily about avoiding fear and living life fully, no matter what.

“If you are forthright in your own heart’s honest intent to love, you have nothing to worry about,” Kim wrote. “Be bold, go forward, and love like hell.”

What a beautiful voice that was silenced far too soon.

HollywoodLife‘s thoughts and prayers are with Kim’s family and friends as they deal with this unthinkable tragedy.

— Shannon Miller

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