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‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ Promotes Harmful Body Images For Women

Tue, January 21, 2014 10:33am EDT by Emily Longeretta 47 Comments
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
Courtesy of E!

If you made it through ten minutes of the new series, ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,’ I applaud you. It only took about seven minutes to realize that not only did the show promote a negative lifestyle for women, it was overall offensive.

E!’s new series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is described as a look into the lives of a few men and women who have grown up with money. We’re not talking money where you don’t worry about rent for a few months, we’re talking dropping $40,000 on a bar tab without batting an eyelash money. However, it wasn’t the dollar signs on the show that urked me — but the message it sent, especially to young women.

‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ Sends Negative Body Message

In the beginning of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills premiere, we met Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang, and within two minutes they revealed that they met in spin class when they were trying to get rid of the “chunk.”

One of the most annoying parts of the show is that it cuts to text messaging every few minutes. So when they cut away, they showed them typing “#sizezero.” I’ve got to say that I’m connecting with my inner Sophia Bush and want to yell at these girls, “Zero is not a size.”

Meet The ‘Rich Kids of BH’

Saying that you’re working toward being a size zero is not the message a show should be sending, especially when it’s going to be watched by young women.

‘Rich Kids’ Is Most Unrelateable Show On TV

It’s not only bad body image that’s being promoted either. Let me start off by saying there’s nothing wrong with having money. I get that these young men and women have grown up with it, as their parents are successful. However, it sends the message that if your parents have the money to spoil you, you don’t have to work hard and you can get what you want.

In a way, it puts down those of us who work extremely hard and still have a hard time doing day-to-day tasks. These men and women are put on a pedestal for doing the tough walk in heels from Barney’s to their car on Rodeo Drive, while a majority of people are worrying about paying bills.

I get that it’s on E!, a network that I love. The Kardashians are a socialite family with money, as well, but their show is a look at their day-to-day lives and while they are celebrities, they do show relatable everyday issues — break ups, hook ups, speeding tickets, etc.

The biggest issue for the Rich Kids (who by the way aren’t even kids, but are adults living off their parents), is when they run into their friend who has a matching $10,000 Birkin bag.

HollywoodLifers, tell me what you think — does Rich Kids of Beverly Hills send a negative message to young women?

— Emily Longeretta

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