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‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ Premiere: Meet The Worst People Ever

Sun, January 19, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 40 Comments
Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills
Courtesy of E!

Did you watch the series premiere of ‘Rich Kids’? Do you have any thoughts? Let’s discuss.

“Have you ever partied so hard that you partied your eyebrows off?” If that sentence didn’t make you weep for America’s future, you’re likely dead on the inside and should definitely be watching E!’s latest reality treasure, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, which premiered Jan. 19.

‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ Review: Money Can’t Buy You Class

The series follows the exploits of some of 90210’s richest, most soul-less young humans, as they shed their sobriety, their money and what’s left of their dignity. I’m not sure exactly what Rich Kids is supposed to be — it’s either a farm team for aspiring Real Housewives, or simply E!’s attempt at making the Kardashians seem more down-to-earth — but I do know it’s a hot mess of a show.

My favorite character — and by “favorite,” I mean she’s terrible — is Dorothy, who couldn’t have been given a more perfect name, as she basically lives in her own fantasy world. She’s desperate to find Mr. Right, but I don’t think she’s looking hard enough; there’s got to be an eligible guy with a big wallet and no ears somewhere.

But the biggest downside to Rich Kids is that it knows how ridiculous it is. The stars are very much aware they’re on a show, and the whole thing couldn’t feel more scripted. Basically, it’s gross.

HollywoodLifers, did you watch the Rich Kids series premiere? Any thoughts? Drop a comment with your review of the first episode!

— Andy Swift

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