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‘Killer Women’: Tricia Helfer Tackles Murderers & Sexism On New Series

Tue, January 7, 2014 11:53am EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments
Killer Women Series Premiere
Courtesy of ABC

Tricia tells about getting into her new character — and getting into the minds of some of the country’s deadliest ladies.

Longtime fans of Tricia Helfer are used to seeing the former Battlestar Galactica beauty with a gun in hand, but when her new ABC series Killer Women premieres Jan. 7 at 10 p.m., she’ll be wearing a very different hat — literally. Tricia tells what to expect from the Sofia Vergara-produced drama, in which she plays a horse-riding, trumpet-blaring female member of the Texas Rangers.

“For the Texas Rangers, it’s about coming into a tense situation with respect,” Tricia says, noting that the real-life first Texas Ranger served as the show’s consultant. “They’re very good interrogators, and their philosophy is that they’re there to help the person unburden what’s burdening them, as opposed to coming at them very hard, which we often see on cop shows.”

Molly Faces Sexism, Murderers On ‘Killer Women’

As you might expect, Molly faces a bit of push-back from some of the men-folk she encounters, but much like Molly herself, Killer Women finds a balance when tackling issues of discrimination.

“There’s definitely sexism in the industry, but [Molly’s] not faced with it all the time,” Tricia explains. “She has a good relationship with her boss, and she has a good working relationship with a lot of the male sheriffs. Molly’s smart enough to know that she needs to get the job done, so she lets it roll off her back — unless it gets to the point where she needs to step in and say something.”

And if there’s one thing that comes across loud and clear on Killer Women, it’s that women — whether they’re shooting up a church, or seeking justice behind a badge — are made especially dangerous, courtesy of their natural intellect.

“We really get into why these women kill,” Tricia says. “Female killers tend to do it more out of love than out of hate. That doesn’t mean there aren’t female serial killers, but our show is more about the psychology of it all. And I like that.”

Molly & Dan: From The Streets To The Sheets

Of course, Molly isn’t just looking out for law-breaking ladies; she’s also got a good thing going with a handsome DEA agent named Dan (Marc Blucas), making for a compelling — not to mention crazy-hot — relationship fans will see evolve over the course of the season.

“It’s still a new thing,” Tricia says of Molly and Dan. “She’s been separated [from her philandering husband] for almost a year, but their relationship is new. She’s also learning to trust again, learning how to open herself up. We’ll definitely see that relationship grow.”

And even though ABC is employing the tagline “eight weeks, eight killers,” Tricia says she’d be thrilled for the series to continue beyond that:”We’ll just have to find more killer women!”

Don’t miss the series premiere of Killer Women, Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. on ABC!

— Andy Swift

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