The 10 Best Christmas Movies For Nice (& Naughty) Boys & Girls

'Tis the season to spend all of your time lounging in your PJ's at your parents' house watching 'Elf.' Since you're probably already in a coma from all of those holiday cookies, has listed the top 10 Christmas movies for naughty and nice folks — and where and when you can watch them — below! Elf. A Christmas Story. Home Alone. No matter which is your favorite, we all have that one special holiday tale that gets us in the holiday spirit for those "down years" when we don't get that Red Ryder BB Gun we oh-so-desperately deserve. Check out our top picks below the jump!

Home Alone Best Christmas Movies
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If You Made The Nice List This Year…

1. Love, Actually offers up some bizarre ideas about romance — like, is it really sweet to hit on your best friend’s wife, Andrew Lincoln? — but we singletons should watch it to feel better about our current condition, because at least we’re not as sad as most of the people in this movie. Then we can move on to Bridget Jones’s Diary, since we like ourselves… just as we are. (Everywhere, All The Time)

2. No one deserves a spot on Santa’s nice list more than It’s A Wonderful Life hero George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart). George finds out what life would be like for his family and friends without him in this 1946 classic, which is always good for a case of the warm and fuzzies if you’re into that kind of thing. Is someone chopping onions in here? (Tuesday, NBC)

3. Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color? Will Ferrell immortalized these words and gave the world a new family-friendly holiday classic in the 2003 film Elf. We’re not saying you have to watch Elf while eating candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup (preferably over spaghetti), but we’re not saying you shouldn’t either.  (Tuesday & Wednesday, STARZ)

4. Tim Allen is definitely on the naughty list at the beginning of The Santa Clause, but he earns his Kriss Kringle chops by the end of the 1994 Disney chuckler. (Wednesday & Friday, ABC Family)

5. Your parents will flip if you suggest a viewing Alistair Sim’s classic 1951 version of A Christmas CarolScrooge. Want better gifts next year? Make them happy by sacrificing one of your classics to relive mom and dad’s childhood memories instead. (Monday, TCM)

If You Made The Naughty List This Year…

1. Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol has been done a million times over (even by the Muppets!), but no Ebenezer has ever been Scrooge-ier than Bill Murray’s delightfully wicked TV executive from the 1988 meta dark comedy Scrooged. Pop this one in with a bottle of egg nog and soak in all of the wonderful ’80s hairstyles in this feel-oh-so-gloriously-bad holiday flick. (Tuesday, ABC Family)

2. Admit it — as much as you love them, you also wouldn’t mind making your family disappear sometimes… just for a little bit. Home Alone tells the tale of Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), an iconic Christmas bad-boy who ditches his family, ruins pizza and fights burglars in the 1990 family favorite. (Monday, AMC)

3. A Christmas Story is the ultimate Christmas flick for many families, so TBS has taken on the responsibility of running it all day long on Christmas Day. Watch as Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) schemes his way through Jesus’ birthday in this nostalgic 1983 hit. (Wednesday, TBS)

4. Ignore the 2000 Jim Carrey remake. Everyone knows that it’s (still) all about the iconic Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas TV special from 1966, which first introduced the world to Christmas’ ultimate bad boy. (Tuesday, ABC)

5. No matter how bad your Christmas might be, the tragic tale of the Griswold family in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation should lift your spirits when you realize that things could always — always — be worse. (Wednesday & Thursday, ABC Family)

So, what’ll it be, HollywoodLifers? What’s your number one Christmas go-to?

— Shaunna Murphy

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