‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap — Nina Garcia Returns

Thu, December 19, 2013 10:01pm EST by 14 Comments

A familiar face returns as the designers are challenged with another competition that features many twists and turns — but who will be in and who will be out?

Host Alyssa Milano introduces a familiar face to the designers: Nina Garcia of Marie Claire and Project Runway judge! Having recently become a part of editorial platform HallofStyle.com, Nina asks the contestants to pair up with a blogger featured on the website to showcase a trend for 2014. Several twists make up this challenge; not only will the bloggers be the designers’ models, but in the look they must incorporate Pantone’s color for 2014, radiant orchid. The winning look will be endorsed by Nina in a video that will appear on Hall of Style’s home page that will be viewed by the websites some fifty million subscribers. The winner will also receive a prize package from Pantone worth over $10,000! Not too shabby.

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap Season 3 Episode 8:

Everyone makes great connections with their bloggers — a true Project Runway rarity since in most challenges like this at least one designer gets matched with someone totally different from them. They all get a good grasp on their designs; Christopher, however, has trouble at Mood when he can’t find army green lace and has to settle for a more olive shade of green. Elena has a moment of frustration when she notices Seth Aaron and Victor using neoprene — it’s one of her go-to fabrics that she has used several times in the competition. But Korto, Seth Aaron, and Viktor all seem to be confident about their garments.

However, the real issues arise when the bloggers come in for their fittings. Christopher’s lace trench coat dress doesn’t quite fit right, Viktor’s jumpsuit isn’t looking great on his girl, and Elena’s jacket almost swallows her blogger whole! Seth Aaron and Korto don’t have as major issues, but still worry about whether or not they will get their look done in time.

Runway time!

Joining Isaac Mizrahi and Alyssa Milano are this week’s guest judges: previous Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, (subbing in for Georgina Chapman), Nina Garcia of course, and creative director for Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa. What a great panel!

Seth Aaron’s blogger was probably the fiercest. She totally worked the sporty, body-con dress Seth Aaron made for her. Elena’s newly fitted jacket really looked amazing on her blogger, and Korto’s white suit with the peek-a-boo of radiant orchid was equally fabulous. Christopher’s look was pretty, but just crossed the line of over-worked. Viktor’s was surprisingly boring this week. He’s known for making some show-stopping outfits, but this challenge did not produce excellent results from him.

Let’s face it, there really was no top and bottom this week. The judges found compliments and issues with each designer alike. Korto’s was the best received because of her white pant suit combination and creative integration of the Pantone color, but her styling did not help the look at all.  The judges were disappointed with Viktor’s dress and jacket ensemble since both “trends” were already happening. They said Seth Aaron’s was the best at incorporating the color, but his dress was not very original. The texture of Elena’s jacket was loved by everyone, but the fit was still off for her blogger’s petite proportions. Christopher’s lace dress was “pretty, but it’s a funky color,” said Isaac. Who will the judges send home this week?


Winner: Korto! It makes sense why she would win this week. Nina loves a good pant and vest combo, and Korto hit the nail on the head with this look.

Loser: Viktor! Poor Viktor, he lost his steam since the beginning of last week’s challenge, and he couldn’t get it back in time for this week. It’s a shame we can’t see him duel it out with “frenemy” Elena at Fashion Week.

What do you guys think? Do you think the judges sent the right person home? VOTE and be sure to come back and see what happens next week.

– Katie George

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Blank Slate

Posted at 8:02 AM on December 29, 2013  

Most annoying person on PR ALL STARS? Alyssa Milano and her inartful, fake, phony, clenched – mouth way of talking, enunciating each word with phony British royal inflections. I cannot watch the show as long as she and her horribly -clothed self is featured on camera.

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Mielegirl (@Mielegirl)

Posted at 3:49 PM on December 20, 2013  

I thought it was hilarious that the judges were all complaining about Corto’s model’s black shoes. That is exactly was Alyssa Milano was wearing and it looked like she didn’t have any feet. Ha.

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Laura Hubbard

Posted at 11:14 AM on December 22, 2013  

Not only that, but the blogger brought the shoes with her. It would have been an insult if Korto had refused to use them.

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Posted at 12:30 AM on December 20, 2013  

Interesting that Korto won this week’s challenge by taking a leaf (or a petal) out of the book of her former competitor, Season 5 winner, Leanne Marshall!

I think Christopher’s dress would have gone over much better in a smokey taupe color. I personally did not like the Army green color, although I didn’t think it looked like seaweed from the swamp, either!

I’m just happy that Elena is still hanging in there! During her season, I got a bad first impression of her, but felt like she had learned a lot about handling the pressure and being more flexible, by the time she was eliminated. This year, she’s my favorite! So, I’m just happy that she’s still hanging in there!

I would like to see Seth Aaron go next week. It’s not really anything personal, against him, just that I think it’s ridiculous that they brought back people who have previously won the large money awards. I think someone else should have that chance!

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Mister Baja

Posted at 11:58 PM on December 19, 2013  

FINALLY: a lady in the limelights!!

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Diane Ott

Posted at 11:44 PM on December 19, 2013  

I think anyone one can critique someone’s work without being cruel..just because Nina may not have liked the color of Christopher’s dress there was no reason to describe it as seaweed coming out of the swamp. When he thanked her she apparently missed the scarism in his thanking her she went on to say that what she said was not meant in a positive way..Hooray for him in letting her know that he did’nt take her critism in a positive way…he took it as it was meant,and you could tell she did’nt like it.

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Posted at 11:56 PM on December 19, 2013  

Nina hates it when anyone stands up to her and disagrees with her opinion. It’s quite fun to watch her get pissed off. Zac Posen does it on Project Runway ALL the TIME and it’s just great!

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Posted at 2:00 PM on December 20, 2013  

Sad thing is how many women really want to look or act like Nina Garcia!

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NicholeLMcNeil (@NicholeLMcNeil)

Posted at 11:03 PM on December 19, 2013  

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