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Jesse McCartney Debuts New Sound On ‘In Technicolor Part 1’

Wed, December 11, 2013 4:53pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 6 Comments
Jesse McCartney In Technicolor Part 1
Courtesy of Hollywood Records

Jesse will always have that beautiful soul, but now it’s definitely more mature. The singer released a four-song EP on Dec. 10, which shows off a much different sound than he ever has before.

“I wanted to sort of step back a little bit and really focus on my writing,” Jesse McCartney, 26, told about the writing and record process of his new EP. It’s been quite some time since he’s put out an album, but from what we’ve heard — it’s bound to be his best (and most mature one) yet! Read the full interview with the singer right here!

Jesse McCartney: ‘In Technicolor Part 1’ Will Get Fans Used To My New Sound

“It’s been a few years since I’ve put anything out for the fans to hear. I’m not quite finished with the full-length album – it’ll be out sometime in the Spring,” Jesse told “This is a new sound, and I wanted to acquaint them with this late ’70s pop-funk kind of stuff.”

For Jesse, it was important to record some music like those he grew up listening to — including Stevie Wonder and Prince.

“We were spinning a bunch of old records, like Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, and that was a lot of inspiration,” he said. “I wanted to sort of step back a little bit and really focus on my writing and tailor it to what’s going on in my life and that takes time to develop.”

Jesse Talks Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus

While Jesse is now 26, he started in Dream Street at just 12. While he was growing up, he didn’t struggle with making mistakes in the public eye the way Justin Bieber, 19, currently is. For him, he said it was because he’s always kept his “eye on the prize.

“Of course I’ve made a few mistakes,” she said. “I’ve done some things that I wish I could take back. We’re all human. In this part of my life, I’m out of excuses, I feel like I need to have my s-it together. And if you don’t at this age, people stop feeling sorry for you. When you’re 19, you can kind of get away with stuff a little more. At 26, it’s more about the writing and the work and I want people to take me seriously. If I’m out racing my car down the street, people are gonna be like, ‘What is this 26-year-old doing? Plus, I have too much to worry about. I have an acting career as well that I need to maintain. I just care too much about it all to have to taken away because of something trivial.”

Sounds like Justin could learn a little from the star! However, age isn’t the issue, Jesse explained — Miley Cyrus is only 21, but Jesse admitted that she’s incredible and “Wrecking Ball” is actually his favorite song right now!

“I roll my windows down and let my hair down!” he said of the hit.  I’ve worked with her in the past. She is not that different now than she used to be – that’s a common misconception. She’s become smarter, if anything. She knows exactly what she’s doing. And she’s a sweetheart! She hasn’t changed that much since [Hannah Montana]. She’s still kinda the same girl with zero inhibition and is completely fearless. She’s the smartest girl in the world.”

What a compliment!

Jesse Talks Love At 26: ‘You Start To Think About Who You’re Gonna Be With’

Jesse’s EP has four songs: “Back Together,” “In Technicolor Part 1,” “Tie The Knot,” and “Checkmate” — and the main theme of them all is love.

“Over the years I’ve gone through a lot changes. In your 20’s you start to figure stuff out, you come to a crossroad. You realize, ‘Oh man I’m starting to get older, I’m in the heart of my 20s.’ You start to think about who you’re gonna be with, who you’re gonna share life with. That’s a big thing to think about,” he told us. “To me, this album talks a lot about that – my relationship with women and how it works and how I feel about being in a relationship and being out of a relationship.”

HollywoodLifers, you can get Jesse’s EP right here!

— Emily Longeretta

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