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Lana Del Rey Goes Topless & Crazy In Her New Short Film ‘Tropico’

Thu, December 5, 2013 6:03pm EDT by 4 Comments
Lana Del Rey Tropico
Courtesy of Interscope Records

Well, at least she got the topless shots out of the way while she was still young and beautiful. Lana Del Rey goes topless during her new short film ‘Tropico’ — a 27-minute art house piece set to Lana’s music that features Lana stripping while dressed as the biblical Eve. We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Everybody knows that Lana Del Rey, 27, is a bit quirky. Heck, we love the “Young and Beautiful” singer for it. But her new, very NSFW short film — an elongated music video, really — takes things to the next level. Lana dresses up as Eve and strips until nothing but two sequined silver stars stand between the audience and her nipples. Check out the video (if your boss isn’t around) below!

Lana Del Rey: Topless In ‘Tropico’

Lana loves nothing more than an extra-long music video, but this 27-minute whopper she shot for “Body Electric,” “Gods and Monsters,” and “Bel-Air” combined is like something not of this world. For some reason, the video takes place in the Garden of Eden, modern day Los Angeles, and the American countryside (or something like it).

Lana (and her co-star Shaun Ross) hang out with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, and Jesus as they dreamily galavant through the various settings. Lana also narrates the whole thing, and at one point even recites the famous opening of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl over a stripping montage.

You should definitely check it out if you have 27 minutes to spare and like things that are so bad they’re almost good, but be warned that this is INCREDIBLY not safe for work:

— Shaunna Murphy

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