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‘Witches Of East End’: Past Ingrid Returns To Seek Revenge

Sun, November 17, 2013 11:51pm EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments
Witches Of East End 107
Courtesy of Lifetime

Plus, Freya’s worst fear is realized and Athena puts a plan into action.

The truth about Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Killian’s (Daniel di Tomasso) engagement-party kiss finally came out on Witches of East End‘s Nov. 17 episode, and honestly, I didn’t even feel badly when Dash (Eric Winter) ditched Freya for London. Weird magical destiny or not, she did him wrong and deserves to face the consequences. Besides, if Freya went to London with Dash, they’d have to change the title to Witches of West End — and that’d just be crazy.

A late-night tarot card session with Joanna (Julia Ormond) further complicated Freya’s love life, revealing that she’s fated to fall for both brothers — but while one is her soulmate, the other is her “destroyer!” Naturally, the bad brother has the ability to make himself appear good, so it could be either of them. Maybe it’s a good thing Dash is calling off the wedding.

(Side note: Only on this show would a tarot card reading qualify as mother-daughter bonding , and I love that.)

Past-Life Mistakes & Present-Day Consequences

Meanwhile, Ingrid (Rachel Boston) was stirring up some trouble of her own, only it wasn’t technically her doing the stirring. Penelope (Virginia Madsen) — better known as Athena, and even better known as “the Shifter” — reanimated the corpse of 1906 Ingrid, the backstabber we met last week, and sent her after Wendy (Mädchen Amick). Her mission: Make Wendy hand over the “golden snake,” then do whatever she wanted with the body. Of course, 1906 Ingrid went with Option Kill.

Thanks to a Leo’s (Freddie Prinze Jr.) divine intervention — and I only call it “divine” because FPJ is inhumanly attractive — Joanna caught onto the situation and stopped it sort of in time. Actually, not really. She didn’t stop Ingrid from killing Wendy; all she did was re-kill the dead Ingrid and cry.

And although Wendy was eventually revived, Joanna noticed that her necklace had turned red, which means the cat lady is officially on her last life. As crushed as I was to realize that Wendy’s basically napping at Death’s door now, I think running out of lives was a necessary way to raise the stakes for her. She can still be a comic relief, but the threat of real death intensifies her situation in a much-needed way.

After all, there are only two more episodes until the season finale!

Other Important Points

>> Did Ingrid cast a “handsome gentlemen” spell on herself without telling anyone? Just a few weeks after Jason George leaves the show, she seriously meets Enver Gjokaj as library lover Mike? Even the creep who tried to kill Ingrid was easy on the eyes!

>> I have to point out how much I love this show. Historically speaking, shows about witches are more successful when the relationships come first, followed by the mythology. Witches nails that, putting the Beauchamp family’s ties ahead of everything else going on. Sometimes the natural moments even outweigh the supernatural ones. It’s just great.

HollywoodLifers, how do you feel about Witches of East End so far? And what do you hope to see in the final few episodes of the season? Drop a comment with all your feelings below.

— Andy Swift

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