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‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Another Shocking Twist Rocks The Show

Thu, November 14, 2013 10:02pm EDT by 3 Comments

The designers channel their inner kid as they use school supplies for the unconventional challenge! Keep reading for our recap of ‘Project Runway All Stars.’

This week the designers take a big yellow school bus to P.S. 212, a fine arts elementary school in New York. They are greeted by Alyssa who presents them with the famous unconventional challenge! She urges the designers to embrace their playfulness by using materials found in a typical classroom. They get a backpack and four minutes to stuff as many things as they can in to the bag to take with them. After a chaotic four minutes of grabbing rulers, jump ropes, and other supplies, they take their sketches back to the workroom to begin on their designs.

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap Season 3 Episode 4:

Elena is immediately concerned since she was on the bottom during her season’s unconventional challenge. The challenge remind’s Christopher of his own experience, when he was bullied in school for being gay. He decides to use that as inspiration for his look. Viktor goes to consult with Elena about his design, during which she shows him her own design using rulers in a pattern. Another friendship forms between Mychael and Jeffrey, as they talk with each other about their creations — looks like this might be a friendly season! But not so fast…Viktor begins to use Elena’s ruler idea on his dress. Clearly Elena should have been more careful with her conversation!

Zanna comes to visit the designers and surprises them with a twist — a good twist! They get the help of makeup artists from Mary Kay at Play, Mary Kay’s newest line of product. The winning design will be photographed in a Mary Kay at Play advertisement and will run in an issue of Marie Claire magazine! Hopefully this will help several of the outfits, considering most of them don’t look like they’ll be finished. The materials this episode are really giving the designers a rough time: Mychael, Jeffrey, and Christopher all scrap half of their ideas, and Korto and Viktor both put their models to work cutting materials. We hope everything gets completed in time!

Runway time!

This week’s guest judges are Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe and actor/producer/director Michael Urie! Alyssa also announces that all of the designer’s creations will be donated to P.S. 212 to be auctioned off for funds to help the school continue their efforts in fine arts. What a great idea!

The show this week is definitely one for the books. Some looks are completely finished and look great, while the others are undone and show more skin than would be allowed in public. What will the judges think of everything?

The results!

Top: Elena, Christopher, and Viktor. The judges loved Elena’s modern, clean shapes. Isaac remarks, “That dress is really fabulous.” Christopher is in the top once again this week, and his inspiration to make an anti-bullying look makes his creation even that more special. Alyssa congratulates him on using the hard, plastic magnets on a clutch bag — the same ones her kids play with at home! Viktor’s look is loved especially by Gabourey Sidibe! She says she thinks his look could be worn by none other than Beyonce — what a great compliment!

Bottom: Mychael, Jeffrey, and Korto. Poor Mychael, even the judges feel bad that he couldn’t execute his idea in time for the runway. While Isaac says he loves the colors and the design intention, Alyssa states that it looks “arts and crafts.” Once again Jeffrey is in the bottom — what excuse will he come up with this week? Michael Urie thinks, “I’m not entirely sure it fits.” To which Jeffrey replies he didn’t know they had to make a wearable look, his design is a “moment in time.” Ugh, really? Alyssa remarks that his was probably the most playful, but seeing his model’s backside was not a great thing. Korto’s look is a similar disappointment to Mychael’s in that she didn’t have enough time to finish everything properly. Who will the judges send home?

Winner: Christopher! This was a tough one this week. Viktor’s was gorgeous, but we’re glad Christopher’s insecurities from elementary school won him the challenge. He totally deserved it.

Loser: No one! While it would have been perfectly acceptable to send Jeffrey home this week, the judges couldn’t find a reason to send any of them home. Let’s hope this doesn’t come back to bite them next week!

— Katie George

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