Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Fialho: My Best Beauty Tips & My Cheat Food

Want to look like a Victoria's Secret model? We went backstage to chat one-on-one with model Barbara Fialho, who stunned on the runway at the annual fashion show in NYC on Nov. 13. See her secrets below! Victoria's Secret model Barbara Fialho knows a thing or two about looking good in lingerie. The runway goddess spoke EXCLUSIVELY to backstage before the fashion show and revealed her stay slim secrets, beauty must-haves, and more!

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Barbara Fialho Models In Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — How She Prepares

In order to de-puff and slim down before the show, Barbara relies on ice water and green tea!

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“I’ve learned about green tea and the powers it has on the skin. I’ve learned about ice water in the morning — when you wake up tired, or you’re jetlagged and you’ve been flying and your skin is dry, or you have puffy eyes — the ice water really helps cool the face down and helps circulation. The steam room saves me every time. I wear makeup every day for work and I do my hair every day for work. So with the steam, I am able to really, deeply clean my pores without a facial. Your pores are open afterwards, so if you wash and deep cleanse and use a toner, it does wonders.”

The show takes place in November, but Barbara doesn’t diet for just a few weeks leading up to the show. In fact, she has to stay picture perfect all year round!

“I work with VS as their looks model throughout the year. We started the first fitting for the show in March! I have to be ready all year around. So, I’m an athlete now. I run for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. I am very, very strict with my workout regimen; not so much with my food, because I’m always working out so I can allow myself to be a bit more naughty!”

When she wants a cheat food, she goes straight to the bakery!

“I lived in Paris for 4 years, so I am obsessed with pastries. Croissants, pain au chocolat, cakes, macarons, all of that! I’m not very into pastas or heavy foods like meat, but pastries, especially if they come from a really nice French bakery, I go crazy over!”

“I try to allow myself those little treats in the morning for breakfast, then I have a lighter lunch. Always some sort of protein, some vegetables, grains, and a type of carbohydrate – a healthier one if possible, like brown rice — and then a very light dinner. So when you adjust your metabolism to work like that and you work out, you will lose weight. With, of course, a lot of water and green tea. Whatever helps to detox your body will help you lose weight. It’s a good trick.”

Get Her Gorgeous, Shiny Hair

“I actually really like the Victoria’s Secret products,” Barbara tells EXCLUSIVELY. “I use the shampoos and the conditioners and I also use a Moroccanoil mask. I go to the salon to have a deep conditioning every month. That professional touch and the massage, all of that helps. I use a deep conditioner in the steam room, which helps the hair absorb the shine and it definitely looks better!”

Check out Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask for gorgeous, shiny hair like Barbara!

Watch the show on CBS on Dec. 10 at 10pm EST!

— Dory Larrabee

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