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‘Witches Of East End’ Recap: The Beauchamp Girls Face Their Deaths

Sun, November 10, 2013 11:39pm EDT by Andy Swift 11 Comments
Witches Of East End
Courtesy of Lifetime

The past and present collided — as they often do — putting Freya’s marriage, and life, in jeopardy.

I’ve always figured there was more to Freya’s (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) future monster-in-law Penelope (Virginia Madsen) than meets the eye, and on the Nov. 10 episode of Witches of East End, we finally learned what that is — even if the Beauchamps have absolutely no idea. It turns out Dash (Eric Winter) and Killian’s (Daniel di Tomasso) mom has close ties to Freya’s family, and if her stink-eye at the end of the hour was any indication, she’s got something nasty cooking. Not that’s Penelope’s not always in a constant state of stink-eye, because she definitely is.

But to really understand where Penelope may or may not be coming from, we’ll need to take a trip down memory lane, which Ingrid (Rachel Boston) did this week with a little help from a batch of “magic” brownies. She was able to recall one of her past lives, from 1906, and it was pretty sweet — assuming you’re a fan of blood orgies and family betrayal. If you like those things, you’d love 1906-Ingrid.

It turns out Ingrid was madly in love with the Beauchamps’ not-so-mortal enemy Archibald, who also happened to be the cult leader who built Fair Haven. Ingrid ultimately died protecting Archibald’s daughter, Athena, from one of Wendy’s (Mädchen Amick) homemade energy balls during a confrontation at the family’s spice shop.

So what became of Athena? According to Joanna (Julia Ormond), she moved away with two of the women from Archibald’s weird, naked cult — but the episode’s final moments revealed that present-day Penelope has the same exact back scar that Athena received during the scuffle at the spice shop in 1906! We already know that Archibald’s magic was able to grant youth, so is it possible Penelope is actually a grown-up Athena?!

This is bad, right?

Dash(ing To The Grave?)

Speaking of things that are very bad, Dash might want to move up his wedding to Freya — you know, to ensure he’s actually alive to see it. He came in contact with a fatal spice/root this week, and although Freya snuck him the antidote during a night of debauchery, Dash later discovered a whole wall of the spice/root in the basement of Fair Haven — and he went on a friggin’ touching spree!

Why, oh why, did the gang have to journey into the depths of Fair Haven? Why couldn’t they have just stayed by the pool, where everything was safe and Killian was literally posing in his boxer briefs? (Seriously, you know this is a supernatural show, because that man’s body is pure magic.)

HollywoodLifers, do you think Penelope is really grown-up Athena? And are you worried about Dash? Drop a comment with your review of the episode!

— Andy Swift

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