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‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: The Designers Share a Cocktail

Thu, November 7, 2013 10:01pm EDT by 3 Comments

This week the designers toast their way into the challenge — but don’t think a cocktail makes this week any easier! Read on for our recap of ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 3 Episode 3!

The designers are told they have the night off and are invited to spend their evening at Jay-Z‘s hot club, 40/40. But their hopes of relaxing for one night are diminished when they are met by Alyssa Milano! Jeffrey jokes, “I know she’s not here to just chill with us.” Boy is he right. Alyssa tells them that the 40/40 club has a variety of signature cocktails, nine of which they will pick from and use as the inspiration for, (but of course!), the perfect cocktail dress. And this week the designers get a smaller budget of only $100. We can’t wait to see what the designers come up with!

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap:

The next day the designers get to work on their garments. The workroom gets a little more intense this week as they critique each other’s designs. Christopher points out that Melissa is doing the same asymmetrical dress she did several times in her season — when will she break out of her shell? For once Elena is actually in a good place — looks like we don’t have to see her sob in the sewing room this week! Korto and Viktor begin to eye each other as direct competition this week as they both decide to embrace their love of patterns with their cocktail dresses…we wonder which one will come out on top.

Zanna comes in to talk to everyone about their designs, but that’s not all she ends up doing! She announces “every good cocktail has a twist,” and the designers are responsible for creating an accessory, or “garnish,” for their dresses. This puts several of the designers in a tizzy, as they only have a few more hours to finish their dress, let alone an accessory! Will everyone’s looks come together in time?

Runway time!

Before you can say “cocktail party” their dresses are hitting the runway. The guest judges this week are fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and interior decorator Nate Berkus! All of the dresses this week are incredibly different. Each one has totally different feeling from the next. It will be interesting to see what the judges think of everything.

Top: Viktor, Christopher, and Elena. The judges loved Viktor’s use of a print, Georgina remarking: “I think you did a fabulous job.” Christopher’s lace dress was probably most loved by Nate Berkus: “I think you have already won this challenge.” And Elena’s dress was also well received, with Rebecca Minkoff saying, “I think she looks beautiful.”

Bottom: Korto, Melissa, and Jeffrey. Korto’s look was actually kind of a hit with the judges, it was her use of the patent leather with her pattern that divided some of the judge’s opinions this week. Both Rebecca and Nate liked the look without the belt, while Isaac and Georgina liked the dress with the belt. Melissa’s asymmetrical dress did not do her any favors this week, with Isaac remarking, “I think she is stuck in this moment…its not fashion forward.” And Jeffrey’s burnout velvet dress was a big disappointment, Georgina saying that even aside from the fit, it was just poor taste.

Which one will go home this week?


This week’s winner is Viktor! Alyssa also announces that she will wear his dress at a cocktail party! Great exposure for him.

Melissa is this weeks loser and has to go home. But the judges remind Jeffrey that he almost went home instead of Melissa, and he needs to really up him game. Let’s hope he takes their advice!

What did you guys think? Do you think the judges chose the right winner/loser?

— Katie George

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