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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Reunite — See The New Pic

Thu, October 31, 2013 11:03am EDT by Emily Longeretta 236 Comments

We hate to say ‘told you so’ — but we totally knew this was coming! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in L.A. on October 30 — their first public outing together since their split in May 2013, and told you first that the two were planning to meet up!

Robsten fans unite! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appear to be rekindling their love — or at least their friendship! We knew that Rob was hoping to see Kristen again and planning to use their puppies, Bear and Bernie, to get close to her! Apparently it worked.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Reunite

Rob and KStew, who ended their three-year relationship in May, left their secret meet-up place after hanging out for hours on October 30 in separate cars — Rob in his Jeep and Kristen in her pick up truck.

Kristen was seen pulling into Rob’s gated community, where she hung out for about four hours, E! reported. When they left, the photo was snapped while they were heading toward her home.

However, their reunion stopped short as the Twilight costars spotted the paparazzi. Kristen, 23, did not look happy about it — which isn’t surprising, since she probably wanted to just spend one-on-one time with Rob, and flipped the paparazzi off. Rob, 27, reportedly turned around and went back home while she drove on.

We knew they had reportedly been speaking every day — and that they were both really missing one another!

See the pic of Rob & KStew together again!

Rob Still Has ‘Strong Feelings’ For Kristen

“Rob is clearly not over Kristen. When he saw a recent photograph of Kristen, he smiled and said she was wearing his baseball hat. It’s just so obvious,” a friend of Rob’s told exclusively. “He will ask about her, but really nonchalantly because he doesn’t want anyone to know he still has strong feelings for her. Rob still loves Kristen.”

Additionally, we knew he was planning to meet up with her soon — and use their adorable pups to get there.

“He for sure wants to see her and will use Bear and Bernie as an excuse,” the source continued. “He wants to have a playdate. They used to take long walks in Griffith Park with the dogs when they were together. He wants to do that with her. He will make it seem like the dogs miss Kristen, which I am sure they do, but Rob is the one who really misses her.”

Kristen absolutely loves this idea!

Kristen would be absolutely ecstatic if Rob reached out to her, and even more so if it involved Bear and Bernie,” a friend of Kristen’s told us. “She would love to see Rob but doesn’t feel comfortable making the first move out of respect for Rob. He’s the one who said no communication would be in both of their best interests. Kristen never, ever felt that way.”

We could not be happier that the couple are finally reunited!

— Emily Longeretta

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