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‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: 3 Winners Return

Thu, October 24, 2013 10:01pm EDT by 16 Comments
Courtesy of Lifetime

The third season is off to a crazy start! Previous designers, (and THREE former winners!), compete for a grand prize worth of over $750,000! Find out what happened on the premiere and let us know what you think of the new season!

And they’re back! We first see Viktor (Season 9), Mychael ( 3), Daniel (11), Korto (5), Elena (10), Melissa (10), Christopher P. (10), and Ari (previously Andi from Season 8), in Bryant Park in NYC where the eight designers are met by the gorgeous Alyssa Milano on a beautiful day as she welcomes them to the 10-week long competition. Hmm, 10 weeks but 8 designers? The first twist to Project Runway All Stars: the eight designers will be joined in the competition by previous winners Jeffrey (3), Irina (6), and Seth Aaron (7)! We can’t wait to see how they all get along — or not!

Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Premiere Recap:

For their first challenge the designers are to make a look inspired by “punk.” To help them get inspired, they get an exclusive listen at Debbie Harry and Blondie’s new album, and that’s not all! Debbie herself will be the guest judge this week. The designers are ecstatic — especially Elena, who says Debbie is one of her dad’s favorite artists. Designers Seth Aaron and Jeffrey are known for their punk aesthetics and are immediately deemed the toughest competition by the others.

But of course it would not be Project Runway All Stars without an added twist. Alyssa announces that when they go fabric shopping at Mood, they will not leave until “the whole look is complete.” That means no workroom at Parsons for the designers this week!

The challenge begins!

After a fast shopping spree for fabric, the designers are herded into Mood’s lower floor where tables, sewing machines, and dress forms have been crammed together for a makeshift work area. Mychael is especially competitive against Jeffrey, his season’s winner. He is determined to show that he is just as talented, if not more talented, than Jeffrey. Elena, Melissa, and Chris, (all teammates from season 10), are back to show they have evolved as designers. But is Melissa seriously making another leather jacket? Elena is once again setting up too much work to do under the current circumstances, while Christopher is making just another “pretty” look — so much for change!

However, despite the major divas that have returned this season, (we’re looking at you, Viktor, Elena, and Irina), Korto might just be the one to fill this role, as she comments on practically every person’s design just in the first few hours of working! Add into the mix their mentor, Marie Claire editor Zanna Rossi Roberts. Zanna’s comments on each design are tough and exude high expectations. This season is sure to be a dramatic one.

Runway time!

Sooner than the designers could say “punk,” they are sending their girls to the hair and makeup studios. The All-Star judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are back to join Alyssa Milano and guest judge Debbie Harry! The runway is a whirlwind of leather, giant safety pins, and punk hairstyles. But who impressed the judges the most?

Top: Jeffrey, Elena, and Seth Aaron. Jeffrey’s deconstructed tulle skirt and black jacket were perfect for this challenge; Debbie said she was “very impressed” by his look. Elena’s last minute decision to turn her jacket backwards made a huge difference in her outfit; Isaac remarked that it was “fabulous.” And Seth Aaron’s jacket and plaid pants definitely captured the essence of the punk attitude.

Bottom: Viktor, Ari, and Melissa. Viktor’s grommet-covered jacket was great, but it was “more conformist” as Georgina observed. Ari’s look was just simply “too perfect” she said. And Melissa’s outfit was punk, however her jacket was just not original; “I’ve seen this before,” stated Isaac.

After the designers are brought back out for the judges’ decision, Alyssa announces that the winning look will be worn by Debbie Harry! Who’s look is that? None other than Elena’s. Definitely a great first-challenge-win moment as Elena tears up thinking about how it will impress her father.

The designer going home this week is Ari. Although we loved seeing her confidence in her new body, we can’t help but think she just didn’t grasp the “punk” challenge.

What do you guys think? Is there a designer you would have liked to see this season that isn’t there? What are you looking forward to the most this season?

— Katie George

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