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‘Escape Plan’: Slyvester Stallone Wows In Unpredictable, Witty Film

Fri, October 18, 2013 6:24pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 14 Comments
Escape Plan Review
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Naturally, when you see a trailer for a film starring Sylvester Stallone, 67, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 66, you immediately have to laugh. But trust me when I say, after you see the non-stop action mixed with the witty one-liners from these vets, you’ll leave the theater wanting more.

Escape Plan is an old-school prison movie with classic action — and yes, quite a few epic slow head turns. Who wouldn’t like a good old Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger throw-down?

‘Escape Plan’ Review — Why It Works

My main man, Sly, portrays Ray Breslin, a structural engineer, who dedicates his life to escaping prisons — he even wrote the book on how to have maximum security in prisons. His job is to go undercover as an inmate and break out of prisons around the nation, testing the weak security systems.

However, when Ray gets a call from the CIA to go to “The Tomb” — his whole life gets turned upside down. Bring in Emil Rottmayer, the inmate Arnold plays who, I must say, is looking GREAT rocking a grey goatee.

When Ray learns that he’s been conned into the mission — and they’re planning to keep him in there for life, he enlists the help of Emil to turn against the warden (Jim Caviezel).

Throw in a punch from an angry inmate here, and a ton of masked prison guards there — who Arnold creates extremely creative names for — and you’ve got quite the action-packed, quick-witted two hours.

Director Mikael Håfström knew what he was doing when he paired up these guys — a grunting, stronger than ever Sly; a wittier, faster Arnie, and a serious, glasses wearing, “techno-thug” 50 Cent — their words, not mine.

The chemistry overall between Sly and Arnold was incomparable. While we’ve seen them together in The Expendables, in this we saw that when it comes to Hollywood badasses — they’re two of the top.

The Minor Cons Of ‘Escape Plan’

As does every film, of course Escape Plan had it’s downsides.

For this one, it was the ridiculous — and I mean ridiculous scenes that highlighted the literal side of things. In a way, it was expected that the audience wasn’t going to be intelligent enough to read between any lines — every thing was spelled out.

At one point, Sly insults the prison doctor, Dr. Kyrie (Sam Neill), calling him a hypocrit and telling him to figure out his ethics.  Later, he was shown looking up the rules in a book — one called, Medical Ethics. It was opened to The Hypocratic Oath.

It makes me wonder who the director thinks the audience is. Who really needed it to be spelled out on the page for them?

‘Escape Plan’: A Perfect Combination Of Action & Comedy

Overall, I adored the film. But don’t take my word for it. reporter, Danielle Noriega was impressed too explaining that she wasn’t expecting much but was “pleasantly surprised.”

However, unlike me, she was a sucker for Arnold’s performance more than Sly’s.

Does he age backwards? He did his typical Terminator gazes and silly phrases, but he packed on a few of the film’s laughs. It’s been a long time since a movie has had me at the edge of my seat – especially during those under water scenes. If you’re fan a of film’s like Gravity that test’s the audiences’ anxiety – then you have got to catch Escape Plan.”

After all the slow turns, bloody fights and sneaky prisoners, you get a mega plot turn — one that is likely to shock you. Trust me, you expected to see the chemistry between these two veteran actors, but you won’t see the ending coming.

Alright HollywoodLifers — get off your computer and go see Escape Plan this weekend!

WATCH: ‘Escape Plan’ Full Trailer

— Emily Longeretta

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