Miss Arizona Contestant Kristina Anderson Battling Rare Cancer

How inspiring! Kristina, 25, was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer in June. However, she's refusing to allow the disease to deter her dreams of running for Miss Arizona! Read on for more details. Beauty Kristina Anderson, who resides in Scottsdale, Ariz., has made lots of headway prepping for the Miss Arizona USA pageant on Nov. 29. With a new evening gown, interview dress and earrings that she plans to wear on the day of competition, she isn't letting cancer stop her from looking stunning!

Kristina Anderson Miss Arizona USA
Image Credit: Courtesy Of Kristina

Kristina Anderson Undergoing Chemotherapy Before Miss Arizona Pageant

The beauty contestant started chemotherapy for a rare form of ovarian cancer three weeks ago, and lost her hair. She’s been wearing scarves and wigs on her head for pageant prep, instead.

“I have to get used to my new look,” Kristina told Today.com.

Although Anderson’s chemotherapy process has taken time away from her to physically prepare for the show, she’s already taken every measure to think about what’s yet to come. She isn’t allowing the illness to get in the way of her happiness and positive outlook.

“I thought [the pageant] would be a really good distraction. Rather than focusing on white blood cell numbers, the reality of the disease and the outcomes, staying positive is half the battle,” she stated. “I see a lot of people who get down and depressed and crawl in a hole, and my idea is to be positive as possible.”

Kristina’s upbeat attitude definitely got her noticed within the pageant!

Miss Arizona Executive Director Britt Boyse Calls Kristina Anderson A ‘Pretty Amazing Lady’

Miss Arizona’s executive director, Britt Boyse, immediately took notice of how brave Kristina was! Britt spoke highly of her, and said Kristina was a “pretty amazing lady.”

Britt also reminisced on the day she met Kristina. “I met her when we had one of our meetings for prospective contestants, and when she told me she was signing up and had a rare form of ovarian cancer, I said ‘Are you sure you want to do this on top of everything you’re going through?'”

“I want something positive to look forward to,” Kristina replied to her.

We greatly admire your strength during these tough times, Kristina! Best of luck in the pageant.

— HL Staff

Watch: Kristina Anderson Will Compete For Miss Arizona USA While Battling Cancer

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