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Stenographer Loses It During Shutdown Vote, Escorted Out By Police

Thu, October 17, 2013 6:27pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 6 Comments
House Stenographer Outburst Video
Courtesy of CSPAN/Facebook

Dianne Reidy has been identified as the stenographer who grabbed the mic and began yelling about God on Oct. 16, while members of Congress were voting on a final end to the government shutdown.

“The Holy Spirit” told Dianne Reidy to protest, said claimed in a new statement after the mother of two, a registered Liberal, went on a full-fledged rant during the voting to end the government shut down. She was then dragged out by authorities and taken to the hospital.

House Stenographer Goes On Rant During Vote

While the vote was taking place, Dianne stood up, grabbed the mic and began yelling about God and the Freemasons. During her rant, she reportedly said:

He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. Don’t touch me. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is not ‘one nation under God.’ It never was. Had it been, it would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., was the presiding officer, tried to calm the woman down by banging the gavel.

She told Fox News that Dianne asked her if the mics were on and she answered that she didn’t know.

“I assumed that perhaps I was chatting too much to the helpful parliamentarians around me,” she said. “Then she suddenly faced the front and said words like ‘Thus spoke the Lord.’ And, ‘This is not the Lord’s work.’I hammered to get control and hush her up. She said something about the devil. It was sudden, confusing and heartbreaking. She is normally a gentle soul.”

Fox News’ producer, Chad Pergman said that she is a “very religious” woman and causes a great deal of concern. “People were absolutely stunned,” he said.

Dianne & Husband Defend Rant

On Oct. 18, she released a statement to Fox News, stating that The Holy Spirit made her do it.

“For the past two and a half weeks, the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver a message in the House Chamber,” she said. “That is what I did last night.”

Additionally, her husband defended her, saying, “My wife is a sweet, level-headed wonderful woman of God. I am proud of her.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

WATCH: Stenographer Loses It In Court Room

— Emily Longeretta

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